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UI for webpack-cli
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Project is currently in initial development stages. Feel free to use this project and give feedback.

NOTE: The features implemented here will be available at webpack-ui soon after migration is completed.

webpack logo

webpack UI

Full featured UI for webpack
npm version npm downloads
$ npm install -g webpack-ui
$ wui


  1. Features
  2. Request for feature
  3. Contributing
  4. Special Thanks
  5. Author


Features part of UI

  • Editing webpack config from UI
  • webpack scaffolds support (as Starters)
  • Build from UI and error reporting

Features to be implemented

  • Run npm scripts from UI
  • webpack build graphs and dependency graphs
  • Assisted editing of webpack configuration, like adding and modifying properties, loaders and plugins.
  • Assisted webpack viewing with info on each property part of configuration.

Request for feature

Feel free to open a issue with [Feature] prefix


Feel free to open a PR.

Special Thanks

  • webpack-cli: I orignally proposed it to be a part of webpack-cli as we can reuse the code in UI itself. Also some of the code from webpack-cli served as base for Starters support on UI.


@rishabh3112 : Rishabh Chawla

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