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A suite of aim training applications built using Python and OpenCV for my CMU 15112 Term Project
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Welcome to Pool Aim Trainer, lets get started!

In order to run this program you will need openCV along wiht numPy and its other dependencies installed on your system. You can follow this manual from the 112 Course Notes ( to get these installed.

If you get errors with file not found our the source is empty, make sure that your python shell is in the current directory. Other than that, the application requires no prerequisite setup.

To run the project, execute

The application has three modes, the first one you can upload an image of your current pool table and the application will guide you thru which shots you should take for the most effective pool strategy.

In the other mode, the program will randomly generate a pool setup and you can try to place the cue how you think is the best and the program will give you feedback on each move.

Lastly, you can enjoy a game of pool with the computer. This is still in a beta stage so you might find some bugs, sorry :(

Hope you have fun!

P.S. Here is a link to the demo video (

- Rishabh Jain (rkjain)
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