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Web Based HTML5 Game for Github Game Off 2012. Name of the Game is "Pappu Pakia". It is super fun and addicting!
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Pappu Pakia

Pappu Pakia

This HTML5 Game (Pappu Pakia) has been happily made for the Github Game Off 2012.



Handsomely coded by Rishabh. Beautiful graphics by Kushagra.

Sharing is Caring <3

Some tricks and tips that we learnt while making this game has been shared on CodeTheory and CSSDeck.

Game Libraries Used

No Gaming/Physics Libraries/Frameworks used. All Custom Code and Custom Physics. Only jQuery used for quick and few DOM manipulations.


Based on the compo's rules, the concepts that we tried to incorporate are fork, branch, push, pull, clone.

You are pappu in the game, a little character. You need to click the mouse or tap (touch screen) to levitate or else pappu will descend. If he hits the top or bottom boundaries that will end the game.

There will be some obstacles along the way like forks, branches and some enemies who are also known as "pakias". Hitting them will end the game. 3 types of pakias - sad (pull you), happy (push you), angry (kill you). Keep safe distance from them!

There are some collectibles too! Coins for points (yellow for 50, pink for 100, red for 500, blue for 1000). Stars for invincibility for a short period. Berries spawning clones that'll destroy anything that comes in their way!

Collisions are not super strict to make the gameplay a little less harder.

No Libraries/Frameworks used. All Custom Code and Custom Physics.

Hit Enter or Spacebar keys to (re)start the game.

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