Elixir based system focused on interacting with simulated worlds.
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ExFigment - Simulating Worlds


ExFigment is an open source application focused on simulating worlds (hereafter called figments). This includes figment generation, figment history, and creating the various entities within. During and after creation, the core engine will simulate the various entities in each figment as they live and interact with one another

For us lowly humans, ExFigment will provide a means to interact with each figment and their creations through a variety of means - including but not limited to telnet, SSH, web browsers, and more.

This project was born out of initial work and ideas written for ExFigment MUD.

Project Status

The project is currently in the conceptual and architectural stage.

Technology Stack

  1. PostgreSQL 9.6
  2. Erlang/OTP 20
  3. Elixir 1.6
  4. Phoenix 1.3


ExFigment has a variety of types of documentation:

  • ExDoc documentation that can be generated by running mix docs.
  • Unit tests for the codebase showing how pieces can be used.
  • The repository's wiki.


Apache 2.0 Licensing. See the LICENSE.txt file.

Documentation can be generated with ExDoc and published on HexDocs. Once published, the docs can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/ex_figment.