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🎊 A plugin to update your branch badges to point to correct branch status. You can use it in a script, as a git hook or directly from the command line itself!
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🌟 A plugin to update your branch badges to point to correct branch status via markdown-magic.

Supports all major vendors like TravisCI, Codecov, CircleCI and many more that provide code repository status images and badges for readme files. 🎉

Installation :

npm i markdown-magic markdown-magic-branch-badge --save-dev

Usage :

Create a file update-readme.js in your project directory.

const path = require('path');
const transformMarkdown = require('markdown-magic');
const badgePlugin = require('markdown-magic-branch-badge');

const config = {
  transforms: {

function callback() {
  console.log('ReadME generated.');

const markdownPath = path.join(__dirname, '');
transformMarkdown(markdownPath, config, callback);

Create a file, example-template with your template.

[![Travis (.org)]({current_branch}.svg)](
[![Some other badge]({current_branch}.svg)](

You can use your custom placeholders through placeholder parameter. For the complete list of parameters, see here.
If there is no placeholder parameter specified in your file, the plugin will look for the default placeholder, i.e., current_branch.

NOTE: Placeholders must be wrapped in curly braces inside the template.

On your add the following lines :

<!-- AUTO-GENERATED-CONTENT:START (badgePlugin:src=./example-template) -->

This indicates the plugin to add the badges between these comments in your readme file.

If you are using your own placeholder, you can specify it like this :

<!-- AUTO-GENERATED-CONTENT:START (badgePlugin:src=./example-template&placeholder=my_custom_placeholder) -->

Now, go to the terminal and run:

markdown-badge -u ./update-readme.js

After running this command, now you should see the updated with the badges according to your branch name.

Config options

Option Description
src Relative path to the template file. ( Required )
addNewLine Specify whether to add a new line at the end of the written output. By default, it is set to false.
placeholder Specify a custom placeholder for updating branch names.

Usage options:

Use it in pre-commit and post-checkout hooks to keep your branches updated with the correct badge URLs.

To add a post-checkout hook via command-line, run markdown-badge -g in your project root and it will add it to the post-checkout hook to your repository.

If you have any queries or requests, feel free to open an issue here or open a pull request if you want to contribute!

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