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A minimal react boilerplate with webpack 4 πŸ“¦, babel v7 πŸš€ and sass support. 🎨
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A minimal react boilerplate with webpack 4, babel v7 and sass support.

  • Webpack 4 - All the good things from Webpack 4 including faster builds.

  • Babel 7

  • ESLint ( with prettier config ) - give the configuration a shot and thank me later. πŸ˜„

  • Husky - Pre-commit lint check for staged files to ensure πŸ’©-code is never commited.

  • CSS and SASS support.

  • Easy and cleaner imports with babel module resolver.

For example, if you have a directory structure like this:

-- components
-- config
---- secret-config.js
-- pages
---- home
------ index.js

You can import secret-config.js in index.js as :

import config from "config/secret-config.js";
  • Environment files - environment variable imports are already configured and added! Just create development.env and production.env ( inside config directory ) with your environment variables and start using them in your app! πŸŽ‰

  • Snapshots and DOM testing - Includes DOM testing with Jest and react-testing-library and also includes snapshot test examples with Jest. ( Bonus: CI configuration included for TravisCI )

Usage :

  1. Clone the repository via SSH :
$ git clone

or HTTPS :

$ git clone
$ cd minimal-react-boilerplate
$ npm install

Unfamiliar with git?

Simply click here to download the zip. Extract the .zip file and run the following commands inside the directory.

$ npm install
$ npm run start

To start the development server :

$ npm run start

To generate production build :

$ npm run build
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