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LeetCode Solutions

This repo holds my solutions for questions on LeetCode. As and when I solve questions, I keep updating this repo with the answers.

The repo is organized based on the question numbers. Each question on LeetCode has a unique number index which is used as the file name. For eg. is the solution for question 983: link The solutions are all in python for now. Each file holds the question in doc string and the code.

The list of questions solved so far:

  1. 1025 - Divisor Game
  2. 121 - Best time to Buy and Sell Stock
  3. 746 - Min Cost Climbing Stairs
  4. 392 - Is Subsequence
  5. 70 - Climbing tairs
  6. 53 - Maximum Subarray
  7. 198 - House Robber
  8. 1277 - Count Square Submatrices with All Ones
  9. 877 - Stone Game
  10. 1227 - Airplane Seat Assignment Probability
  11. 983 - Minimum Cost for Tickets
  12. 1048 - Longest String Chain
  13. 303 - Range Sum Query
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