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A minimalistic eye-friendly dark colorscheme for vim
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Skyfall is a minimal balanced dark colorscheme for vim that's easy on the eyes. The theme uses low contrast colors and provides good readability while not being harsh on the eyes. The theme supports italics and bold formatting as well. Supports airline and lightline

For best results for python use with semshi syntax highlighter plugin.


This scheme uses terminal colors. The color settings for the terminals are present in terminal-colors/. Currently supported terminals include Termite, Gnome, Iterm2, Konsole and any terminal that can read from .Xresources (Urxvt, Kitty etc) are all supported. Clone this repo first and use the appropriate file inside terminal-colors.

  • Gnome: Run sh terminal-colors/
  • Iterm2: Use the terminal-colors/skyfall.itermcolors
  • Termite: Copy the contents of terminal-colors/termite into your Termite config.
  • Konsole: Copy the contents of terminal-colors/skyfall-konsole into your config.
  • Xresources: For terminals that uses .X copy the contents of terminal-colors/Xresources into your corresponding Xresources file.
  • Sublime Text: Use the xml file to configure the colors

After setting the correct terminal colors install the theme by running and set your colorscheme using.

<Package Manager> 'rishikanthc/skyfall-vim'

set t_Co=16
syntax enable
colorscheme skyfall


python-half lua python

Supported Plugins

  • airline
  • lightline
  • semshi highlighter


  • [] improve diff colors
  • [] improve git colors
  • improve spell colors
  • Support for semshi python highlighter
  • [] Add support for NerdTree and other popular plugins


This is still work in progress. Bear with me for any rough edges and feel free to contact me for any issues you face.

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