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🏴 Banur

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Getting Started

Before doing anything, make sure you read through the specification documentation to truly understand how the different server pieces fit together.

Spinning up an instance

You can start up a server by using the Banur CLI (also packaged in this repository): npx @banur/cli epoch or npx @banur/cli petrichor.

Local development

After cloning this repository, use lerna bootstrap to install all dependencies for all packages. You may need to cd into each package and run yarn to install any side dependencies.

Both epoch and petrichor are just Typescript libraries. You can run npm link in each of their directories to allow your local distribution (run yarn build before) to be locally tested & used.

The cli package also has support for npm link, but it it meant to be used in the terminal.


This repository is a monorepo managed by Lerna, and holds all the core serverware, packages and clients distributed over NPM for Banur.

Name Description
CLI CLI for spinning up & managing Banur instances. Pulls templates from custom repositories.
Epoch Community server library; distributed instances of discrete channels & RTM.
Petrichor Coming soon. Library for the core network server; allows distributed instances of Epoch to be linked together into discrete communities in one centralized space.


🏴 Banur - decentralized, realtime communication.




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