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36 - The Big Beta (20220704)

@PizzaLovingNerd PizzaLovingNerd released this
· 12 commits to main since this release
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Happy 4th of July (for Americans), this ISO just has some bug fixes, if you are already running risiOS you can get these bug fixes by upgrading.

  • Fixed risi-welcome showing NVIDIA on non-NVIDIA systems
  • Harden Firefox option now only shown if Firefox is installed
  • Fixed line wrap on risiTweaks
  • Fixed line wrap on risiScript
  • Fixed adwcolor breaking if directory ~/.config/gtk-4.0 didn't exist
  • Multimedia script now sets Chromium Freeworld as default if Chromium was default before
  • Multimedia script now converts Chromium webapps to Chromium Freeworld Webapps
  • Removed OnlyOffice (Free up space on ISO, installable through Quick Setup)
  • Removed GNOME Extensions App (Extensions already available through risiTweaks)