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@lpugin lpugin released this May 25, 2019 · 176 commits to develop since this release


  • Update pugixml
  • Support for SMUFL figured bass figures
  • Support for @spacing on <staffDef>
  • Support for @sameas on <beam>, <chord>, <layer>, <note>, <rest>, and <tuplet>
  • Support for editorial markup in <label> and <labelAbbr>
  • Support of ties and slurs starting or ending with timestamp (but not both)
  • Support for ABC notation import (@rettinghaus)
  • Improved cross-staff MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Improved clef changes in MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Improved hairpin MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Improved slur MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Support for <ending> in MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Preserve MusicXML <duration> on notes, rests, and chords (@rettinghaus)
  • Import MusicXML <division> with @ppq on <staffDef> (@rettinghaus)
  • Avoid system optimisation when a tempo change occurs
  • Improved tuplets and support for additional attributes
  • Improved slur placement
  • Option to use svg viewBox on root node (@dchisolm)
  • Option for adjusting MIDI tempo output (--midi-tempo-adjustment)
  • Option for top/bottom margin <harm> (--top/bottom-margin-harm)
  • Option to use first footer / header for all pages (--use-pg-footer/header-for-all)
  • Embedding of Petaluma font (1.055) from Steinberg


  • Option inputFormat (JS) deprecated (use input instead)
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