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  • Support for superscript and subscript in <rend>
  • Support for chord-symbol parsing in MusicXML (@earboxer)
  • Support for dynamics with mixed text and music fonts
  • Support for non-standard keys from MusicXML (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for <graceGrp> (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for <keyAccid> for custom key signatures
  • Support for @vel on <note> in MIDI playback (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for <turn> in MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Support for <arpgeg> in MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Support iOS Framework build (@Noroxs)
  • Improved support for pedal marks in MusicXML import (@wergo)
  • Improved import of key signatures from PAE (show cancellation accidentals)
  • Improved import of tuplets from PAE
  • Improved element attribute access also when not rendered in a page
  • Options for vertical justication (--justify-include-last-page, --justify-system-only, --justify-vertically)
  • Option to set minimum width for justification (--min-last-justification) (@earboxer).
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