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@lpugin lpugin released this Jul 22, 2021

  • Support for lv (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Support for additive meters (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Support for bTrem (bowed tremolos) in the MIDI output (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Support for @enclose on articulation and fermata (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improved rendering of cross-staff slurs (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improved octave line positions with @endid (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improved layout algorithm with nested layer content arrangement
  • Improved rendering to prevent rendering barlines for the invisible measure (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improved rendering of octave brackets ending (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Function getTimeForElement includes measure and chord elements (@gitelicious)
  • Option --breaks-no-widow to prevent a single measure on last page (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Option --ligature-as-bracket to render ligatures as bracket instead of original notation
  • Option --lyric-verse-collapse to collapse empty lyric lines
  • Build option NO_MXL_SUPPORT to disable compressed MusicXML file support
  • Making Verovio thread safe (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Switch from XSLT to Python for font generation (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Fix loading/updating of MEI3 files (@rettinghaus)
  • Fix option --octave-alternative-symbols
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@lpugin lpugin released this May 3, 2021

  • Fix bug in font names in the Python distribution
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@lpugin lpugin released this May 1, 2021

  • Support for double treble clefs and additional SMuFL clefs (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for chords with cuesize notes (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improved horizontal layout with dots and flags (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improvement of the the positioning of mRest (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improvement of alignment for dots in different voices (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improvement of rendering of ties that collide with dots (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improvement of barLine positioning (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improvement of MusicXML import of chord symbol <degree> (@th-we)
  • Improvement of input format auto-detection (@JRegimbal)
  • Method renderToPAE added to the JS toolkit (@davidrizo)
  • Preliminary support for tablature (experimental work)
  • Option --preserve-analytical-markup to preserve analytical markup (default is now off) (@rettinghaus)
  • Option --mnum-interval for changing frequency of automatically-placed measure numbers (@earboxer)
  • Option --harm-dist to control the minimal distance of harm (@DavidBauer1984)
  • Option --output-format-raw for raw MEI output without indentation and line breaks
  • Option --multi-rest-style for better control over the rendering style of multiple measure rest (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Option --octave-alternative-symbols to switch to alternate SMuFL glyphs (@eNote-GmbH)
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@lpugin lpugin released this Feb 25, 2021

  • Support for
  • Support for accid@glyph.num and
  • Support for MusicXML compressed files
  • Improved consistency of logging functions across bindings
  • Improved PyPI packages for Linux (@rettinghaus and @musicEnfanthen)
  • Function loadZipDataBase64 and loadZipDataBuffer (JS) for loading MusicXML compressed files
  • Function enableLog(bool) to enable or disable logging
  • Function enableLogToBuffer(bool) to enable logging to a buffer instead of the stderr or the JS console
  • Option --clef-change-factor for adjusting clef change size (default is .66) (@rettinghaus)
  • Option --svg-format-raw for raw SVG output without indentation and line breaks
  • New clefs, notehead parentheses and slashes glyphs (Leipzig 5.2.50) (@rettinghaus)
  • Fix interpretation of perfecta for smaller note values in mensural notation (@martha-thomae)
  • Fixes in the MusicXML importer (@eNote-GmbH)
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@lpugin lpugin released this Feb 9, 2021

  • Support for clef@visible (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for artic@glyph.num
  • Support for arabic accidentals
  • Improved default rest positioning
  • Improved automatic cross staff rest positioning (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improved cross-staff spacing
  • Improved slurs
  • Improved positioning of ornaments with multiple layers
  • Improved articulations in normal and cross-staff contexts
  • Improved spacing of clef changes
  • Improved timestamp events alignments by avoiding extra-space to be added
  • Improved horizontal alignment of tempo indications (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Embedding of Leland font from MuseScore
  • Method Toolkit::GetTimesForElement for accessing score times (@wergo)
  • Option for sometimes using encoded breaks, at configurable threshold (--breaks smart and --breaks-smart-sb) (@earboxer)
  • Options --top-margin-artic and --bottom-margin-artic for articulation margins
  • Option --tuplet-num-head for placing tuplet numbers on the side of the notehead
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@lpugin lpugin released this Jan 12, 2021

  • Support for "old style" multiple measure rests (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for note@vel and dynamics@val in MusicXML import (@earboxer)
  • Support for multiRest@loc (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for mNum@fontsize (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for accidental-mark in MusicXML import (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for double-stemmed beams (@eNote-GmbH)
  • Improved barline rendition (@rettinghaus)
  • Improved cross-staff notation with multiple layers
  • Python Package Index (PyPI) distribution (@musicEnfanthen and @alastair)
  • Option --footer extended with 'always' value to show footer with --adjust-page-height
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@lpugin lpugin released this Oct 5, 2020

  • Support for buzz roll tremolos (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for Sprechgesang stems (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for
  • Support (limited) for preserving XML comments in the MEI output
  • Support for hairpin@opening (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for @dynam.dist and @harm.dist (@rettinghaus)
  • Support for pedal lines (@rettinghaus)
  • Options for controlling output tabs (--output-indent and --output-indent-tab)
  • Option to remove ids in the MEI output (--remove-ids) to be passed to GetMEI with the JS toolkit
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