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Experiments from the 'Attentional bias modification treatment for depression' study at the University of Texas at Austin.
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This package was created at the Institute for Mental Health Research, at the University of Texas at Austin by Semeon Risom, and was developed in part from funding of NIMH grant 5R33MH109600-03.

Hsu, K. J., Caffey, K., Pisner, D., Shumake, J., Risom, S., Ray, K. L., . . . Beevers, C. G. (2018). 
    Attentional bias modification treatment for depression: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. 
    Contemporary Clinical Trials, 75, 59-66. doi:


Eyetracking (JavaScript)

  • dotprobe-js: Dotprobe (JavaScript)

Eyetracking (Eyelink)

  • DPB: Dotprobe (E-Prime)
  • MDPB: MacLeod Dotprobe (E-Prime)
  • EF-AS: Antisaccade (E-Prime)
  • EF-CS: CatSwitch_EPrime_HS_3.0 (E-Prime)
  • EF-KT: keeptrack_eprime_2.0HS (E-Prime)


  • PVT psychomotor vigilance task (MATLAB)

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • RT: Resting State (Python)
  • SART: Sustained Attention to Response Task (Python)
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