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JQuery Advanced News Ticker 1.0.11

A powerful, flexible and animated vertical news ticker plugin for JQuery. JQuery Advanced News Ticker provides multiple callbacks and methods to allow a maximum flexibility and an easy implementation into any project.


JQuery Advanced News Ticker 1.0.1 Demo


HTML: a simple list, which may be fully customized.

<ul class="newsticker">
    <li>Etiam imperdiet volutpat libero eu tristique.</li>
    <li>Curabitur porttitor ante eget hendrerit adipiscing.</li>
    <li>Praesent ornare nisl lorem, ut condimentum lectus gravida ut.</li>
    <li>Nunc ultrices tortor eu massa placerat posuere.</li>

<script src=""></script>
<script src="js/newsTicker.js"></script>

Basic usage :


With custom parameters :

    row_height: 48,
    max_rows: 2,
    speed: 600,
    direction: 'up',
    duration: 4000,
    autostart: 1,
    pauseOnHover: 0

With (custom) control buttons :

    row_height: 64,
    speed: 800,
    prevButton:  $('#prev-button'),
    nextButton:  $('#next-button'),
    stopButton:  $('#stop-button'),
    startButton: $('#start-button')

With callbacks :

    max_rows: 1,
    duration: 6000,
    startButton: $('.start'),
    hasMoved: updateInfos,
    start: function() {
        console.log('newsTicker just started !');
    pause: function() {
        console.log('newsTicker has been paused.');

function updateInfos() {

With methods :

var nt = $('.newsticker').newsTicker({
    autostart: 0,
    speed: 400


$('.newsTicker-header').hover(function() {
}, function() {


Options & Callbacks

Parameter Usage Type/Values Default value
row_height defines the height (in px) of one row int 22
max_row defines the number of rows displayed at the same time int 3
speed defines the animation speed (in ms)of the rows moving up or down int (in ms) 400
duration defines the times (in ms) before the rows automatically move int (in ms) 2500
direction defines the direction of the rows movement up or down 'up'
autostart enable/disable auto start on load 0 or 1 1
pauseOnHover enable/disable pause when mouse hovers the newsTicker element 0 or 1 1
nextButton set the element triggering next action on click JQuery element null
prevButton set the element triggering prev action on click JQuery element null
startButton set the element triggering start action on click JQuery element null
stopButton set the element triggering stop action on click JQuery element null
hasMoved callback called at the end of every movement animation function
movingUp callback called before launching moving up action function
movingDown callback called before launching moving down action function
start callback called on start action function
stop callback called on stop action function
pause callback called on pause action (triggered on mouseOver if pauseOnHover=1) function
unpause called on unpause action (triggered on mouseOut if pauseOnHover=1) function


After initializing a newsTicker instance, methods are called with .newsTicker('methodName', 'param1', 'param2', ... )

Example :

var nt = $('.newsticker').newsTicker();
var state = nt.newsTicker('getState');

Methods list

| Method | Parameter(s) | Action | | ----------- | -------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------ | | `start` | | starts moving newsTicker elements | | `stop` | | stops moving newsTicker elements | | `updateOption`|`optionName`, `value` | update an option (see **Options & Callbacks** for options list) | | `getState` | | returns current state : `0` = stopped, `1` = started, `2` = paused (and started) | | `pause` | | pauses newsTicker elements without stopping them - the newsTicker has to be started to be able to pause it (the `pause` method is called on `mouseOver` if `pauseOnHover` = 1)| | `unpause` | | unpauses newsTicker elements - the newsTicker has to be started & paused to be able to unpause it (the `unpause` method is called on `mouseOut` if `pauseOnHover` = 1)| | `moveDown` | | moves elements down | | `moveUp` | | moves elements up | | `moveNext` | | moves up or down according to the current `direction` option | | `movePrev` | | moves up or down according to the current `direction` option | | `move` | | equivalent to `moveNext`, but will not move if `paused` | | `add` | `content` | adds a ticker row |

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(deprecated) - A powerful, flexible and animated vertical news ticker plugin for JQuery.







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