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Mycroft C#


Right now, the package isn't on NuGet. So to use it, just copy over Client.cs and MessageEventHandler.cs to your project and you will good to go. In the future, you can install the package via NuGet using visual studio.

An example Program.cs file would look something like this

 class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
    	string host;
    	string port;
        if (args.Length < 2)
            host = args[0];
            port = args[1];
        } else {
            host = "localhost";
            port = "1847";
        var server = new MyClient("app_manifest.json");
        server.Connect(host, port);


Example App

public class SpeechClient : Client
    public MyClient(string manifest) : base(manifest)
        handler.On("APP_MANIFEST_OK", AppManifestOk);

    protected async void AppManifestOk(dynamic message)
        InstanceId = message["instanceId"];
        await Up();


The mycroft C# apps inherit from the Client class. To respond to different messages, just create methods for them and register them in the constructor using handler.ON(MESSAGE_TYPE, METHODNAME). In addition to any of the external message types, there are also 2 internal message types that you can handle, CONNECT and END, which are called with on connect and disconnect respectfully.

Helper Methods


Sends APP_UP to mycroft


Sends APP_DOWN to mycroft


Sends APP_IN_USE to mycroft

Query(capability, action, data, instance_id = null, priority = 30)

Sends a MSG_QUERY to mycroft


Sends a MSG_BROADCAST to mycroft

QuerySuccess(id, ret)

Sends a MSG_QUERY_SUCCESS to mycroft

QueryFail(id, message)

Sends a MSG_QUERY_FAIL to mycroft

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