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Matches students to students in order to facilitate learning.


  • Python 2.7
  • MySQL 5+
  • Django 1.4


  • Set up Python, Django, MySQL (see internet for details)
  • Check out repo
  • Run setup/ (creates the database and user on the MySQL side, syncs the django application to the database, autocreates the superuser)

Some notes:

  • If you want to wipe all user data, run setup/
  • Options for dev-setup and dev-teardown can be seen with [script] -h.
  • Contact Dorrene Brown ( for the mentoring superuser password if the mentoring superuser is autogenerated.


  • CSS styles for the site use Compass, a Ruby gem that both compiles SASS and provides useful mixins and frameworks for building frontends. Make sure Ruby is installed (use RVM on Unix systems), and run bundle install to make sure the required gems are installed on your system.
  • Run compass watch in an app's "static/" directory if it contains a config.rb file, and all of the .sass files will compile to .css. Simply link to the CSS files from app templates like normal.
  • Both the .scss and .css files should be checked into the repository - Read this post by Eric Meyer for more information.
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