Open source guides for mastering deep learning to deploying deep learning in production in PyTorch by Deep Learning Wizard.
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Deep Learning Materials by Deep Learning Wizard


Start Learning Now

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About This Repository

After careful deliberation, I have decided to gradually open-source our written deep learning materials that I have used to teach more than 3000 students worldwide across 120 countries through my video course, Practical Deep Learning with Pytorch.

As this is a very new effort to open-source my materials, it's still a work-in-progress. Please bear with me while I clean it up.

This repository powers the main open-source Deep Learning Wizard website

Always Latest PyTorch Version

We always provide the latest PyTorch version (currently 0.4 or 1.0 pre-release) so that you will be learning up-to-date code!

About Deep Learning Wizard

We deploy a top-down approach that enables you to grasp deep learning theories and code easily and quickly. We have open-sourced all our materials through our Deep Learning Wizard Wikipedia. For visual learners, feel free to sign up for our video course and join over 2300 deep learning wizards.

To this date, we have taught thousands of students across more than 120+ countries from students as young as 15 to postgraduates and professionals in leading MNCs and research institutions around the world.


We are openly calling people to contribute to this repository for errors. Feel free to create a pull request.

Main Contributor

Ritchie Ng

Editors and Supporters

Bugs and Improvements

Feel free to report bugs and improvements via issues. Or just simply try to pull to make any improvements/corrections.


If you find the materials useful, like the diagrams or content, feel free to cite this repository.