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Open source guides/codes for mastering deep learning to deploying deep learning in production in PyTorch, Python, Apptainer, and more.


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Deep Learning Materials by Deep Learning Wizard


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Please head to to start learning! It is mobile/tablet friendly and open-source.

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This repository contains all the notebooks and mkdocs markdown files of the tutorials covering machine learning, deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, data engineering, general programming, and visualizations powering the website.

Take note this is an early work in progress, do be patient as we gradually upload our guides.

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About Deep Learning Wizard

We deploy a top-down approach that enables you to grasp deep learning theories and code easily and quickly. We have open-sourced all our materials through our Deep Learning Wizard Wikipedia. For visual learners, feel free to sign up for our video course and join thousands of deep learning wizards.

To this date, we have taught thousands of students across more than 120+ countries.


We are openly calling people to contribute to this repository for errors. Feel free to create a pull request.

Main Contributor

Ritchie Ng

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Bugs and Improvements

Feel free to report bugs and improvements via issues. Or just simply try to pull to make any improvements/corrections.

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If you find the materials useful, like the diagrams or content, feel free to cite this repository.