Face recognition using open-cv and machine learning written in python
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Python face-recognition using open-cv + machine learning

  • This is a simple python face recogniton which can detect multiple faces at the same time.
  • Based on open-cv and sklearn library this is a program that detects face and display name on the window.
  • It has the ability to add a new face to detect. Simply type 'yes' while running the program

How to run:

NOTE: If you have Anaconda installed then open "conda prompt". Then:

  • type "pip install opencv-python" instead of "pip install -r requirements.txt"

NOTE2: For linux users make sure you run program with "python3" instead of simply python and "pip3" instead of pip.


  • download all the files to a folder
  • open command prompt as administrator
  • change directory to that folder (cd directory-full-path)
  • pip install -r requirements.txt (it will install all the required modules)
  • (for linux use sudo pip install -r requirements.txt)
  • run RecogniseFace.py
  • follow instructions
  • Note: To create dataset press 'c'
  • finally press 'Esc' to exit from the window