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This library provides a Python interface to the API of Anacreon 3, which is an online 4X game produced by Kronosaur Productions, LLC.



from anacreonlib import Anacreon

api = Anacreon("Username", "Password")
api.gameID = GAME_ID
api.sovID = SOV_ID

You can find GAME_ID by looking at the URL when you play Anacreon in your browser.
For example, when I play on my Era 4 Alpha empire, the url is Therefore, the game ID for the Era 4 Alpha is 4365595

Your SOV_ID is equal to

api.sovID = api.get_game_info()['userInfo']['sovereignID']

Personally, I run this once and write down the result somewhere

Getting all objects in the game

objects = api.get_objects()

After this call, objects will be a dict, where the key is the ID of the object, and the value is a dict which contains data specific to that object, such as resources contained in the object, which sovereign owns the object, etc. More information can be found on the wiki.

Rate Limits

The API has rate limits which are detailed in this Ministry record. Beware that they apply to both any scripts you write AND the online client.

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