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RITSEC Redteam

Various public projects from RITSEC Redteam members. ALL PROJECTS ARE PROVIDED AS IS WITH NO WARRANTY.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology

Popular repositories

  1. goofkit Public

    In line function hooking LKM rootkit

    C 37 12

  2. Headshot Public

    NGINX module to allow for RCE through a specific header

    C 19 2

  3. Windows Malware monitors and infects specific kinds of files.

    C# 16 8

  4. Port of "watershell" made by an alumni (wumb0) that I decided to port to C++

    C++ 11 3

  5. MYSQL plugin that allows RCE through a query

    C 7 1

  6. Processes used to guard Red Team property against and watch for, unwanted or unexpected blue team actions.

    C# 7 6


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