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An xsbt plugin to reflect build properties into source code (obsolete)
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An xsbt plugin to reflect build properties into source code.

To build this code, get and install SBT from

Build and publish the plugin:
    git clone
    cd xstb-reflect
    sbt publish-local
Add the plugin to your project in project/plugins/build.sbt:
	addSbtPlugin("de.djini" % "xsbt-reflect" % "0.0.3")
Include the plugin in you project's build.sbt:

	reflectPackage	:= "my.pack"
	reflectClass	:= "Reflected"
	sourceGenerators in Compile <+= reflect map identity

With this setup, you can access the name and version of your project
from scala as and my.pack.Reflected.version .
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