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Georgia Tech Health Dashboard

Welcome to the project page for the Georgia Tech Health Dashboard!

You can download a release copy of the project or its source code here.

This project is provided as-is. If you find any bugs, feel free to submit a properly-tagged issue in the GitHub tracker. If you want the bug to be fixed quickly, fork the repo, find where it is, and put the info into the issue, or just submit a pull request, and I'll merge it in.

Note: Using this project requires basic familiarity with the Linux command line. You should be able to comfortable navigate the directory structure and run executables with elevated privileges as necessary. You should also be able to close processes (I recommend using htop).

Getting Started

Download and extract the file. Go to the gt-dashboard directory.

The application consists of a several parts:

  • A Python SimpleHTTPServer web server (version 2.7.3)
  • A portable Mongo database (version 2.6.3)
  • A Flask server (version 0.10.1)

All of these are started and stopped by the "run" file in the root directory.

To start the various applications, type:

user :: ~/gt-dashboard <master)> >> ./run start

To stop everything (additional checking may be required), type:

user :: ~/gt-dashboard <master)> >> ./run stop


This project is distributed under the MIT license.

The documentation for the project can be found at the wiki.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit an issue tagged with "question" (or I will close it), or email me at