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dreaMote is an advanced iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch remote control application for Enigma, Enigma2, Neutrino and VDR based set-top-boxes (eg the dreambox family, dbox2 ...).
Objective-C Python C
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Classes implemented embedded WebBrowser for http-CustomUrls
Images optimize images a little more
LiteUnzip LiteUnzip: fix two analyzer warnings
MBProgressHUD @ ed2b55f MBProgressHUD: new version
MGSplitViewController @ ea4426e change to external MGSplitViewController
NSObject-Invoke-Queue @ 94d952b update submodules, follow sharekit changes
Other Other/changes_*.html: update for 1.4.5
QuincyKit @ 171c947 QuincyKit, SSKTk, ShareKit: update
Resources/en.lproj remove OtherList.xib
SSKTk @ c590c12 QuincyKit, SSKTk, ShareKit: update
ShareKit @ e9707b6 ShareKit: update
TSMiniWebBrowser @ 4ec2506 TSMiniWebBrowser included
bin bin/ send 404 for unhandled documents
de.lproj sync/update translations
dreaMote.xcodeproj TSMiniWebBrowser included
en.lproj sync/update translations
fr.lproj show actual default port instead of 80 as port placeholder
pl.lproj Merge pull request #16 from z7x/patch-18
ru.lproj sync/update translations
.gitignore .gitignore: add a local folder
.gitmodules TSMiniWebBrowser included
ChangeLog some changes for 1.4.5
Entitlements.plist add entitlements.plist for ad-hoc distribution
Info Coolmote.plist Info*.plist: update version number
Info Full.plist Info*.plist: update version number
Info Lite.plist Info*.plist: update version number
LICENSE change to external MGSplitViewController
dreaMote_Prefix.pch dreaMote_Prefix.pch: worst-case fallback for progress hud view
main.m bump copryright notice to 2012
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