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Programming Assignment 11: Labyrinth

Team Members

Marco Rivas, Martin Revilla, Truman Chan


The purpose of this assignment is to produce a 3D simulation of the Labyrinth game that is as realistic to the actual game as possible, yet still being a playable and an enjoyable experience for the end user.


Mouse Control Action
Hold left button and move Tilt table
Right-Click Open menu
Scroll Wheel Up Zoom camera in
Scroll Wheel Down Zoom camera out
Keyboard Input Action
'x' Play/Pause song
Spacebar Play next song
Up Arrow Key Move camera up
Left Arrow Key Move camera left
Down Arrow Key Move camera down
Right Arrow Key Move camera right
Esc Exit game
PS4 Controller Input Action
Left Analog Stick Tilt table


  • Ambient
  • Ball Spotlight
  • Goal Spotlights

Extra Credit

  • Game audio/music
  • PS4 Controllers
  • Top 10 Scoreboard
  • Multiple levels


Install GLUT, GLEW, and GLM:

$ sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev freeglut3 libglew1.6-dev libglm-dev

Install Assimp for model loading:

$ sudo apt-get install libassimp-dev

Install SFML gaming library for game audio. To install SFML:

$ sudo apt-get install libsfml-dev

Install Magick++ to load its images. To install Magick++:

$ sudo apt-get install libmagick++-dev

Install Bullet for the physics engine. To install Bullet:

$ sudo apt-get install libbullet-dev

Building This Assignment

To build this assignment:

$ cd build

$ make

To clean (remove object files and executables):

$ cd build

$ make clean

Running This Assignment

The executable will be put in the bin directory. To run Labyrinth:

$ cd bin

$ ./Labyrinth

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