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Carle's Game


I am testing with and recommend using virtualenv to create python virtual environments for managing dependencies. If you already have virtualenv installed, you can create and then activate a new environment with the following commands:

virtualenv carles_venv --python=python3
source carles_venv/bin/activate 

Note that I am using Ubuntu 18. If you are using a different operating system and/or have a different experience setting up or using CARLE and Carle's Game, feel free to send me your notes (go ahead and open an issue) and I will update the installation instructions here.

git clone
cd carles_game
pip install -e .

# install the environment, CARLE
git clone

cd carle

pip install -e .

# run tests if you want
python -m test.test_all

# go back to the root directory and see if CARLE is working
cd ../
python -c "from carle.env import CARLE; env = CARLE(); obs = env.reset(); print('Looks OK')"

The current evaluation template is a Jupyter notebook using Bokeh for interactive plotting. To launch a Jupyter notebook session:

jupyter notebook

However the scheme for running on notebook server is a little more involved and uses bokeh serve. You can create an interactive bokeh app server on mybinder by following the link below.


A contest for IEEE Conference on Games 2021 based on Cellular Automate Reinforcement Learning Environment




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