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This branch is specific to, go to master or upstream to fork.

Enjoy the live site at Past a URL like into the search box and share the generated graph using the link provided.

To use the bookmarklet in Chrome or Firefox drag it to your bookmarks bar. Click it when inside the single post view.

The right mouse button may be used to move nodes and shape the graph. Left button to view the post.

Browser back page and history review may not always work, use refresh as needed.

The maximum depth for the recursive walk is set to seven.

Only public posts that have reshares are visible, if in doubt check if sumReshares is zero in the diagnostic.

The search box may not show up if the window is too small to render a graph. Zoom out or resize as needed, then resubmit.

The app keeps no record of activity. Our web server records the usual access logs.


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