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Riverbed FlyScript

This is the top-level directory for the Riverbed FlyScript Python SDK, a collection of libraries and scripts in Python and JavaScript for interacting with Riverbed devices and other network infrastructure.

For a complete guide to installation, see:


Quick Start

If you are familiar with installing Python packages, the FlyScript package leverages the standard setup.py based on setuptools. You may want to first setup virtualenv before running setup. See the 'virtualenv' section in the installation guide.

To get started, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Download the FlyScript package and extract the contents
  2. Optionally set up virtualenv
  3. Install the FlyScript package using "cd flyscript && python setup.py install"
  4. Test it with "python examples/about.py"
  5. Read the docs at "docs/html/index.html"
  6. Look at the examples in "examples"

Start coding!

How to run tests

The suggested way to run tests is through pytest The easiest way to install pytest is through python pip with:

pip install pytest testscenarios

This will download and install py.test and the testscenarios packages along with all of their dependencies.

In order to run the tests you nedd a configuration file in which there are specified the hosts to run against. The file must look like

global config

config = {
   '4.0': [
    ('vshark-xebec', {'host': 'vdorothy10.lab.nbttech.com'})],
   '5.0': [
    ('vshark-latest', {'host':'vdorothy5.lab.nbttech.com'}),
    ('shark-latest', {'host':'oak-mako10.lab.nbttech.com'})

'profilerhost': 'tm08-1.lab.nbttech.com'

and should be named testconfig.py. The file should be placed in the root dir of the flyscript package, alongside to the rvbd folder. The Sharks are ordered by API that should be tested. Shark hosts that are in the 4.0 group will be tested against common calls and specific 4.0 calls. Shark hosts that are in the 5.0 group will be tested against common calls and specific 5.0 calls.

To run the tests do:


You will see an output like:

================================= test session starts ==================================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.4 -- pytest-2.3.2
collected 76 items 

examples/test_examples.py ..
rvbd/common/test/test_jsondict.py .........
rvbd/profiler/test/test_profiler.py ......................
rvbd/shark/test/test_dpi.py .....
rvbd/shark/test/test_filters.py .
rvbd/shark/test/test_settings.py ..................
rvbd/shark/test/test_shark.py .............................


Copyright (c) 2013 Riverbed Technology, Inc.

FlyScript is licensed under the terms and conditions of the MIT License set forth at LICENSE ("License"). FlyScript is distributed "AS IS" as set forth in the License. FlyScript also includes certain third party code. All such third party code is also distributed "AS IS" and is licensed by the respective copyright holders under the applicable terms and conditions (including, without limitation, warranty and liability disclaimers) identified at LICENSE.