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Agit - Android Git Client

© 2013 Roberto Tyley

Agit is an open-source (GPL v3) Git client for Android devices, allowing you to checkout the entire history of any Git repository while on the move, review changes and store for full offline access. The app can be bought on the Android Market, doing so supports the author in the creation of open-source software.

You can read some of the back-story of Agit in these articles which I wrote for the Guardian, here & here - they are about as technical as you're allowed to get on a newspaper site!

  • Clone remote Git repositories onto your phone!
  • Just like regular Git, the full history is stored for offline access.
  • Animated Diffs - Watch diffs smoothly transition from Before to After - and back again. I'm using 'smoothly' figuratively here. It's still pretty cool.
  • Supports git, http, https protocols. SSH for private repos also available if you don't mind jumping through some hoops (coming soon: fewer hoops!).
  • Currently this is a 'read-only' client. You can clone & fetch, but not commit and push. I haven't yet had time to build all the user interface around that - but I reckon implementing pinch-gesture-branch-merge would be fun.
  • Periodic sync enabled on Android 2.2 and later - latest commits fetched quarter-hourly.
  • Cloning substantial projects like Mongo or JQuery will take a few minutes to perform - fortunately subsequent fetches will be much faster.

User Documentation: