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defmodule Bcrypt.Base do
@moduledoc """
Base module for the Bcrypt password hashing library.
use Bitwise
@compile {:autoload, false}
@on_load {:init, 0}
def init do
case load_nif() do
:ok ->
_ ->
raise """
An error occurred when loading Bcrypt.
Make sure you have a C compiler and Erlang 20 installed.
If you are not using Erlang 20, either upgrade to Erlang 20 or
use version 0.12 of bcrypt_elixir.
See the Comeonin wiki for more information.
@doc """
Hash a password using Bcrypt.
def hash_password(password, salt) when byte_size(salt) == 29 do
hash(password, salt, :binary.part(salt, 1, 2))
def hash_password(_, salt) do
raise ArgumentError, "The salt #{salt} must be 29 bytes long"
@doc """
Generate a salt for use with Bcrypt.
def gensalt_nif(random, log_rounds, minor)
def gensalt_nif(_, _, _), do: :erlang.nif_error(:not_loaded)
@doc """
Hash the password and salt with the Bcrypt hashing algorithm.
def hash_nif(password, salt)
def hash_nif(_, _), do: :erlang.nif_error(:not_loaded)
@doc """
Verify the password by comparing it with the stored hash.
def checkpass_nif(password, stored_hash)
def checkpass_nif(_, _), do: :erlang.nif_error(:not_loaded)
defp load_nif do
path = :filename.join(:code.priv_dir(:bcrypt_elixir), 'bcrypt_nif')
:erlang.load_nif(path, 0)
defp hash(password, salt, prefix) when prefix in ["2a", "2b"] do
hash_nif(:binary.bin_to_list(password), :binary.bin_to_list(salt))
defp hash(_, _, prefix) do
raise ArgumentError, """
This version of Bcrypt does not support the #{prefix} prefix.
For more information, see the Bcrypt versions section in the Comeonin wiki,