Authentication library for Phoenix, and other Plug-based, web applications
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Authentication library for Phoenix, and other Plug-based, web applications.

Phauxth is designed with Phoenix 1.3 in mind, but it can also be used with older versions of Phoenix and any other Plug-based application. It is designed to be secure, extensible and well-documented.

For a general overview of some of the goals of Phauxth and its basic usage, see this post.

Getting started

This guide shows how you can set up a new Phoenix project with Phauxth.

Authentication and authorization

The core Phauxth library handles authentication, verifying who the user is.

For information about authorization, or access control, see the Authorization page in the wiki.

If you have set up your app using the Phauxth installer, the authorize.ex file in the controllers directory provides examples of functions you can use to authorize users' access to resources.

Phauxth examples