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An independent lightweight multi-window library for javascript.
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What is 'JsFrame.js' like?

It is an independent and lightweight multi-window library for javascript.

  • You can create various floating windows (called frame) and popup windows.
  • You can create a modal window.
  • You can create a toast.
  • You can create multi-window apps.



It is licensed under MIT license.


using npm

npm install jsframe.js --save

using with script tag

<script src=""></script>

Quick Start

Create window

Here's is basic example of JSFrame.js to show a simple window.

  • Call the JSFrame.create method with initialization parameter to show a window
  • Set html as a content of the window.Content could simply be some text or html.
  • to show the window
const jsFrame = new JSFrame();
//Create window
const frame = jsFrame.create({
    title: 'Window',
    left: 20, top: 20, width: 320, height: 220,
    movable: true,//Enable to be moved by mouse
    resizable: true,//Enable to be resized by mouse
    html: '<div id="my_element" style="padding:10px;font-size:12px;color:darkgray;">Contents of window</div>'




  • You can also get DOM element from contents that you set as html.Call frame.$([selector]).For example, you can get the element which id is 'my_element' by calling frame.$('#my_element')

Show specified URL as content of window

  • Set url to the initialization parameter.
  • The window contents will be shown as iframe.
  • Set callback function which is called after loading a page as urlLoaded
const frame01 = jsFrame.create({
    title: 'Window1',
    left: 20, top: 20, width: 320, height: 160,
    url: 'iframe_content01.html',//URL to display in iframe
    //urlLoaded:Callback function called after loading iframe
    urlLoaded: (frame) => {
      //Called when the url finishes loading




  • You can also get DOM element in the page shown as window's content area specified by url(iframe) ,You can call like frame.$('#my_element').

Show window as a modal window

  • Call frame.showModal to show the window as a modal window.
  • By specifying like showModal(callbackFunc) you can receive a callback when the modal window is closed.
const modalFrame = jsFrame.create({
      title: 'modal window',
      left: 0, top: 0, width: 320, height: 220,
      html: 'something'
  //Show as a modal window
  modalFrame.showModal(_frame => {
  //Callback when modal window is closed.




  • JSFrame.js has the option where you can design the window appearance or apply style to certain elements and then apply styles to them as you want.
  • You can specify style from preset or design it yourself.
  • Set appearanceName to initialization parameter to select the window design called appearance.
  • Or if you want to design appearance from scratch, you can set appearance to initialization parameter.

Style from preset

const frame01 = jsFrame.create({
    title: 'Yosemite style',
    left: 20, top: 20, width: 320, height: 220,
    appearanceName: 'yosemite',//Now preset is selectable from  'yosemite','redstone','popup'
    style: {
        backgroundColor: 'rgba(255,255,255,0.9)',
    html: '<div style="padding:10px;">Preset is selected by preset name</div>'



Event handling

  • You can set an event handler (callback function) for the DOM element in the content specified by html or url.
  • You can also set an event handler for buttons on the title bar.
  • Call like frame.on(selector,'click',(_frame,event)=>{}); to set click event handler functions.
//Set click handler for DOM element specified as html or url in the initialization parameters.
frame.on('#bt_cancel', 'click', (_frame, evt) => {

//Event handler for buttons on the title bar.
frame.on('minimizeButton', 'click', (_frame, evt) => {



Show toast messages.

  • A toast provides simple message about an operation in a small popup. Toasts automatically disappear after the time specified by duration.
  • Call JSFrame.showToast to show a toast.
  • You can customize the appearance and something.

Simple toast

const jsFrame = new JSFrame();
      html: 'Default toast'


Specify the position

    align: 'center', html: 'Toast displayed in the center'

You can specify the position with align like below.

align:'top' =>Toast displayed at the top
align:'center' =>Toast displayed in the center
align:'bottom' =>Toast displayed at the bottom(default)

Customize toast

        width: 260,
        height: 100,
        duration: 2000,//Duration(millis)
        align: 'center',// alignment from 'top'/'center'/'bottom'(default)
        style: {
            borderRadius: '2px',
            backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,124,255,0.8)',
        html: '<span style="color:white;">Custom toast</span>',
        closeButton: true,//Show close button
        closeButtonColor: 'white'//Color of close button



Settings for preset 'material'

You can use font-awesome for titlebar icons.


For material, describe the settings using appearanceParam as below.

name: `Win2`,
title: `Material style`,
left: 360, top: 40, width: 320, height: 220, minWidth: 200, minHeight: 110,
appearanceName: 'material',
appearanceParam: {
    border: {
        shadow: '2px 2px 10px  rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)',
        width: 0,
        radius: 6,
    titleBar: {
        color: 'white',
        background: '#4784d4',
        leftMargin: 40,
        height: 30,
        fontSize: 14,
        buttonWidth: 36,
        buttonHeight: 16,
        buttonColor: 'white',
        buttons: [ // buttons on the right
		//Set font-awesome fonts(
                fa: 'fas fa-times',//code of font-awesome
                name: 'closeButton',
                visible: true // visibility when window is created.
                fa: 'fas fa-expand-arrows-alt',
                name: 'maximizeButton',
                visible: true
                fa: 'fas fa-compress-arrows-alt',
                name: 'minimizedButton',
                visible: false
        buttonsOnLeft: [ //buttons on the left
                //Set font-awesome fonts(
                fa: 'fas fa-bars',
                name: 'menu',
                visible: true,
                //html to show when this button is clicked.
                childMenuHTML: '<div class="list-group">' +
                    '  <div name="menu1" class="list-group-item list-group-item-action py-2">Menu Item 01</div>' +
                    '  <div name="menu2" class="list-group-item list-group-item-action py-2">Menu Item 02</div>' +
                    '  <div name="menu3" class="list-group-item list-group-item-action py-2">Menu Item 03</div>' +
                childMenuWidth: 300
style: {
    backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,0.8)',
    overflow: 'hidden',
    width: '100%',

html: 'something'

Window operation

Close window


Hide Window


Focus window (and pull up to the front)


Get window by name

var frame = jsFrame.getWindowByName('my-window');

Window operation helper

Setting frame#setControl enables the mode to automatically change the window size when the button on the title bar is pressed.

        maximizeButton: 'maximizeButton',//Name of the button on framecomponent to maximize when pressed.
        demaximizeButton: 'restoreButton',//Name of the button on framecomponent to de-maximize when pressed.
        maximizeWithoutTitleBar: true,//If true,hide the title bar and maximize the content part.
        restoreKey: 'Escape',//If maximizeWithoutTitleBar is true,de-maximize the window when the key specified here is pushed.
        minimizeButton: 'minimizeButton',//Name of the button on framecomponent to minimize when pressed.
        deminimizeButton: 'deminimizeButton',//Name of the button on framecomponent to de-minimize when pressed.
        hideButton: 'closeButton',//Name of the button on framecomponent to hide when pressed.
        animation: true,//If true,execute animation during window size changing
        animationDuration: 150,//Duration of animation


Handling events for window operation events.

frame.control.on('maximized', (frame, info) => {
               text: 'Press "ESC" to minimize.', align: 'center'
maximizedCalled when maximazation is finished.
demaximizedCalled when de-maximazation is finished.
minimizedCalled when minimization is finished.
deminimizedCalled when de-minimization is finished.
hidCalled when hiding is finished.
dehidedCalled when de-hiding is finished.

Do sizing operation manually

You can write window size operation manually like below

        frame.on('maximizeButton', 'click', (_frame, evt) => {

                hideTitleBar: false,
                duration: 200,
                restoreKey: 'Escape',
                restoreDuration: 100,
                callback: (frame, info) => {
                restoreCallback: (frame, info) => {
                        text: frame.getName() + ' ' + info.eventType

JSFrame initialization parameters

this.jsFrame = new JSFrame({
    fixed:true,//(Default)If true, it will be fixed to the screen even if the contents (background) scrolls.
    parentElement:document.body,//Set element to attach jsFrame.
    horizontalAlign: 'right',// If 'right' is set, the anchor is set at the right edge.If you specify the position of frame with 'left' in this mode, Make the value negative.Default is 'left'
    verticalAlign: 'bottom',//If 'bottom' is set, the anchor is set at the bottom edge.Default is 'bottom'

Frame creation initialization parameters

const frame = jsFrame.create(
        name: 'my-window-name',//Window name.Unique name is required.
        title: 'Window0',//Window title
        left: 20,//x coordinate of the upper left corner of the window
        top: 20,//y coordinate of the upper left corner of the window
        width: 320,//width of the window
        height: 220,//height of the window
        minWidth: 160,//The minimum width of the window
        minHeight: 100,//The minimum height of the window
        movable: true,//true:You can move the window with mouse
        resizable: true,//true:You can resize the window with mouse
        appearance: appearanceObj,//Appearance object
        appearanceName: 'yosemite',//Preset name of appearance(Not with 'appearance')
        style: {//Style of the content.Can be specified just like inline style attribute.
            backgroundColor: 'rgba(220,220,220,0.8)',//Ex.Background color of content(Opacity can be specified)
            overflow: 'auto',//Ex.What to do when the drawing extends beyond the content area
        html: 'Contents',//HTML shown in the content(Not with 'url')
        url: 'content01.html',//The URL for contents.To be shown in iframe.
        urlLoaded: (frame) = {}//Callback function when url is finished loading.


using npm module with webpack

After install jsframe.js , you can use it like below.

import {JSFrame} from 'jsframe';

You can add an alias in your webpack config like this:

module.exports = {
    resolve: {
        alias: {
            'jsframe': 'jsframe.js/dist/jsframe.min.js',


All examples are included in the project. You can modify,customize example after cloning the project

git clone

Classese and Methods/Members

org.riversun.JSFrame class

JSFrame is a frame builder and management class.

Methods Details
CIfFrame createFrame(left, top, width, height, CFrameAppearance) create CIFFrame instance.CIfFrame is a kind of 'window' called frame.
CFrameAppearance createFrameAppearance() create CFrameAppearance instance.
CFrameAppearance is a class for frame appearance.You can modify frame's looking as you like.

CIfFrame class

CIfFrame is like a window.It's draggable and movable.You can design it.

Methods Details
CIfFrame setTitle(str) Set caption in the title bar
CIfFrame setResizable(boolean) Set whether the window can be resized
CIfFrame setMovable(boolean) Set whether the window can be moved
CIfFrame setTitleBarClassName(classNameForDefault, classNameForFocused) Set title bar style class name
Object getFrameView() Get window content element.
It's just a 'div' element.So you can handle it as a 'div' element.
Promise setUrl(url) Open a page specified as url in the IFrame mode.
It returns Promise.If you want to execute something at the timing of opening url,use 'then' .
CIfFrame show() Show frame
CIfFrame requestFocus() Requests that this frame gets the focus.
Focus and the window comes to the forefront
CIfFrame setSize(width,height) set size of frame
CIfFrame setPosition(x,y,anchor) anchor is optional.
Default anchor is 'LEFT_TOP'
You can set followings for anchor.

CFrameAppearance class

CFrameAppearance is a class for frame appearance.You can modify frame's looking as you like.

Methods Details
CFrameAppearance setUseIFrame(boolean) If 'true' ,You can set CIfFrame 'IFrame mode' and you can use CIfFrame#setUrl method for opening specified url.
void onInitialize() Since this callback method is called at frame initialization,Initialization processing such as adding frameComponent should be written here.
Members Details
showTitleBar true or false
showCloseButton true or false
titleBarCaptionFontSize ex)'12px'
titleBarCaptionFontWeight ex)'bold'
titleBarHeight ex)'24px'
titleBarCaptionLeftMargin ex)'10px'
titleBarColorDefault Color for not focused state.
titleBarColorFocused Color for focused state.
titleBarCaptionColorDefault Color for not focused state.
titleBarCaptionColorFocused Color for focused state.
titleBarBorderBottomDefault Style for bottom of the title bar.
ex)'1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.2)'
titleBarBorderBottomFocused If null,'titleBarBorderBottomDefault' will be applied.
frameBorderRadius Corner radius of the window.
frameBorderWidthDefault Width of border line in the not focused state.
frameBorderWidthFocused Width of border line in the focused state.
frameBorderColorDefault Color of border line in the not focused state.
ex)'rgba(1, 1, 1, 0.2)'
frameBorderColorFocused Color of border line in the focused state.
ex)'rgba(1, 1, 1, 0.2)'
frameBorderStyle Border line style
frameBoxShadow Shadow style of the frame
ex) '5px 5px 10px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3)'
frameBackgroundColor Background color of the frame

V1.00 Examples (available for latest version)




Example:Window with Iframe contents



Example:OS X style



Example:Win style



Example:Various styles



Example:Animations #1



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