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Screenshots and Demo Code

  • Box: A simple box with a title.
  • List: A list with selectable options and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Form: A data entry form.
  • TextView: A multi-color text view with highlights.
  • Table: A table view with fixed rows/columns and selectable cells.
  • TreeView: A tree view for hierarchical data.
  • Grid: Using Grid to layout multiple widgets.
  • Flex: Using Flexbox to layout multiple widgets.
  • Pages: Using Pages to switch between different widgets.
  • Frame: Adding header and footer text to other widgets.
  • Button: A button.
  • Checkbox: A checkbox.
  • DropDown: A drop-down selection box.
  • InputField: A one-line input field.
  • Modal: Modal windows.
  • Unicode: Demonstrates the use of wide unicode characters (e.g. Chinese).
  • ANSI: How to pipe colorized output from other programs into tview.

Advanced Tutorials

Demo Applications

  • Timer: Two implementations of a small application that displays the current time.
  • Postgres: A simple PostgreSQL database browser in ~300 lines of code.
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