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Rails 3 generator for a complete and beautiful scaffold.
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Beautiful Scaffold

Beautiful Scaffold is a gem which propose generators for a complete scaffold with paginate, sort and filter. Fully customizable. More info : Demo :


RubyOnRails 4.1

Add this in your Gemfile :

gem 'beautiful_scaffold', '0.3.4'

RubyOnRails 4.2

Add this in your Gemfile :

gem 'beautiful_scaffold', '0.3.5'


And run

bundle install



rails generate beautiful_scaffold model attr:type attr:type... [--namespace=name] [--donttouchgem=name]

Types available:

  • integer

  • float

  • text

  • string

  • price

  • color

  • richtext

  • wysiwyg

# Example : products

rails g beautiful_scaffold product name:string price:price tva:float description:richtext visible:boolean && rake db:migrate

# Example : admin products

rails g beautiful_scaffold product name:string price:price tva:float description:richtext overview_description:richtext visible:boolean --namespace=admin && rake db:migrate

Migration (Use Add[Field]To[ModelPluralize] syntax)

rails g beautiful_migration AddFieldToModels field:type

Locale (i18n) (Example)

Run `rake db:migrate` before `rails g beautiful_locale` (to get lastest attribute translation)

rails g beautiful_locale all
rails g beautiful_locale en
rails g beautiful_locale fr
rails g beautiful_locale de

Join Table (has_and_belongs_to_many relation)

rails g beautiful_jointable model1 model2

Install et Configure Devise (authentification) and Cancan (authorization)

rails g beautiful_devisecancan model

In views


Set code like this :

<span class="barcode" data-barcode="1234567890128" data-type-barcode="ean13"></span>

data-type-barcode can be :

code11 (code 11)
code39 (code 39)
code93 (code 93)
code128 (code 128)
ean8 (ean 8)
ean13 (ean 13)
std25 (standard 2 of 5 - industrial 2 of 5)
int25 (interleaved 2 of 5)
datamatrix (ASCII + extended)

Chardinjs (overlay instructions)

Example : This button triggers chardinjs on element with 'menu' id.

<a href="#" class="bs-chardinjs" data-selector="#menu">Help Menu</a>

If you want display all chardinjs :

<a href="#" class="bs-chardinjs" data-selector="body">Help</a>

Just add `class=“bs-chardinjs”` in a button / link for trigger chardinjs. Beautiful-Scaffold does the job !

For add instruction to element, read official documentation :

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