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Pandora Radio for XBMC
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rivy RELEASE: incorporate XBMC recommendations; RC for XBMC Official Add-o…
…n Repository

* v2.3.2

* uses Pandora JSON API (via the module from the Pithos Project)

* FIX: repaired typos
* UPDATE: CHANGELOG / README readability improvements
* UPDATE: improved logging function
* UPDATE: addon.XML corrections (ID corrected to match extension type, missing elements)
* UPDATE: XML encoding information added to all XML files

* BUG: scrobbling broken (but now works via HACK; core addon fix pending)

NOTE: Pithos project home @

The patch to fix scrobbling has been accepted into the LastFM and
addons by the core XBMC team. However, I haven't been given a timeline
for the release of the patched version. I'll keep the HACK available in
the code until at least a few weeks after the updated addons are
released. Make sure to use the addons ("Last.FM" and "Libre.FM Scrobbler") for
your scrobbling; and disable the core scrobbling function via
[ Settings / Music / Song Submission ].


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Pandora Radio for XBMC

* uses the Pandora JSON API via the client from the Pithos Project

This software is released under the GNU General Public License,
version 3 (aka, GPL-3.0), WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, as further
described in the file "LICENSE.txt" (and also published at
<>). Some code and/or resources
used within this software are also covered by the Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike license [CC BY-SA], as noted in credits below.


	Place in xbmc addons directory
	Set login information in script properties (prompts on run if not set)
	Pick a station and enjoy the music :)

Further Information:

XBMC Listing @
Forum Discussion @
Repository @
Issues @

Credits: (as of 2014-01-01)

 - rivy
	Updates / improvements, scrobbling enhancements, and current maintenance

 - spbogie
	Original script implementation and maintenance

 - VTWoods
	Replaced libpandora with the pandora implementation from pithos

 - TWC Supplemental by Nuka1195
	Used extensively as a reference for building the GUI
	Borrowed a few images for initial testing release

 - Pithos Project @
	A Pandora Radio Client; Copyright (c) Kevin Mehall
	License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States
	- [CC:BY-SA 3.0 US]
	- @
	Contains the Pandora JSON API client implementation for access to Pandora

 - pianobar
	Copyright (c) 2008-2010 Lars-Dominik Braun <> |
	- Used as early reference for parts of the pandora protocol

 - jurmb84
	Modified existing script to work with new xbmc addon framework

 - smorloc
	Modified script to include like/dislike/tired functionality; additional
	addon settings; layout changes

 - htpc_guy

 - k3oni
	Several suggestions and code examples from his repo

 - robweber
	Several suggestions and code examples from his repo

 - Moka Project @
	License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
	- [CC:BY-SA 4.0]
	- @
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