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IMG Add 6u spacebar stabilizers Dec 25, 2018


Topre to Cherry MX Adapter

Creative Commons License HHKB Topre to Cherry MX Adapters by Naiwei Zheng is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This is a 3D printable model made with SolidWorks that works to replace the cylindrical sliders (or plunger) of Topre switches on HHKB. The idea was first come up with Matt3o, and then the NovaTouch implemented the design in their products. For more information you can read my blog about this project.

This model made several improvements to Matt3o's beta STL design model. The base stands were made thinner to prevent stucking the rubber dome while pressed. The base was made exactly the same as the original Topre's to retain the touch feeling.

If you want to support this work, you can buy from my Shapeways shop where I make 10% fixed profits, or you can donate to my PayPal or BitCoin wallet: 14VSt78bfgMx9pWXV9qbMMsxter7KYHCRd. However you are always welcome to print and use this work for personal use without paying me.

Compatibility Notes

Since different manufactures may have different specifications in their keycap dimensions, current design may not fit perfectly on every keycap out there. Hence hereby you are welcome to provide any compatibility results to me.

Image Previews

1u Standard Adapter

Plunger 1u

2.25u Left Shift & Enter Adapter

Plunger 2.25u

6.25u MX Spacebar Stabilizer Adapters

6.25u Spacebar Stabilizers

6u MX Spacebar Stabilizer Adapters

6u Spacebar Stabilizers

6u Topre Spacebar

In case you couldn't buy a PBT Topre 6u spacebar, I also made a model for you to 3D print it.

Spacebar 6u Top

Spacebar 6u Bottom

File Structure

├── README.MD               # This document
├── ASM/                    # Assembly files
├── IMG/                    # Preview images
├── PRT/                    # Parts files
└── STL/                    # 3D printable files