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Badges Please generates badge svgs for laser thruput

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Badges, Please

Given a font file, a list of names, and some additional parameters, BadgesPlease will generate batches of badges in SVG, containing only paths and groups, no inlined fonts. Great if you want to manufacture your badges yourself!

Badges, Please rotates the badges since cutting proccesses yield better result if you move primarily along with the long sides of letters, and we assumed movement on the x achsis.


Run npm install for dependency installation. Copy the badge_data.example.js to badge_data.js and adjust parameters as needed. You need to provide paths to font files, and we recommend to modify the name list aswell.

If you need to change the badge dimensions, head to generate-badge.js. If you want to change the rotation or the svg structure, look to templates/badge.mustache.svg.

Generate svgs with npm start. You'll find the files in the output/ directory.


Badges Please generates badge svgs for laser thruput






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