Swift iOS App: reminds you to contact people you ought to.
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iOS App - entirely developed in Swift
note: supports Xcode 6.1/Swift 1.1

Did you ever forgot to call or contact someone you ought to? With iContactU this will never happen again!

iContactU allow you to create a list of people to contact for some reason, at a given date and given time. Then the app will order all your reminders by date, and will alert you with a notification (and a badge) at day and time you've set: for an Account or a Project Manager could be a life saver...

How it works: You select a contact from your Address Book, write a reason why, select date and time, then forget it! iContactU will remind you to contact the people you've selected in the exact moment you should, and you can reach them directly from the app, by phone, sms or email, just clicking on the corresponding button!

And most of all this app is completely free.

Features: Developed in Swift, Address Book access, CoreData, reminders and alerts, direct access to phone, messages and email.

It uses CocoaPods and the following libraries:

run pod install from terminal, into the main folder, before building.


This source code is released for educational and learning purposes.
Credits to Brian Advent(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCysEngjfeIYapEER9K8aikw) for his wonderful Swift tutorials.