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= Notepad3 - light-weight Scintilla-based text editor for Windows =
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= (c) Rizonesoft 2008-2019 =
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Rizonesoft Notepad3 --- CHANGELOG ---
1) NEW: (Added, Feature)
3) ENHANCEMENT: (Optimize)
4) FIXES: (Debug)
6) TRANSLATIONS (MUI): (New Language)
CED - (C)ompact (E)ncoding (D)etection (by Google)
MUI - (M)ultilingual (U)ser (I)nterface
NLS - (N)ew (L)anguage (S)trings (need for translation)
ONI - (ONI)guruma Regex engine
SCI - (SCI)ntilla Library
UCD - (UCD)ARDET is an Encoding Detector Library
Current BETA Version 5.19.913.#(build) (2019-09-13)
- CSV Prism Color Lexer.
- Preserve File Modification Date/Time: Option stays until new Session is loaded.
- Save with Original File Date/Time - Ctrl+Alt+F6.
- Full Work Area Mode (F11) -> Full Screen Mode.
- Relax UTF-8 orientation (lower confidence level for UCHARDET
and use system's code-page as detection fallback by default)
- Ctrl+Alt+Enter AutoCompletion behaviour.
- Changed version of MarkDown-Lexer.
- Menu and behavior for copy/paste and copy/paste line.
- Allow each modification step to split undo typing sequence (set timeout < 20ms).
- Split undo typing sequence (by line-breaks and/or timeout).
- Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine (v.6.9.3+).
- Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.2.1 (2019-Jul-5).
- Enclosing selection with HTML-Tag - Remember last pattern (session).
- Repeat selection enclosing (HTML-Tag) n-times control.
- Hyperlink detection for Unicode.
- Small fixes on "Relaunch Elevated" functionality.
- Minor fixes for window positioning by cmdline parameter.
- Minor correction of HotKey.
- Ctrl+Shift-C/X and Paste behaviour.
- Markdown highlight overflow.
- Redo initial selection after replace (ins/del).
- Hyperlink Regex detection and Update visible indicator issue.
- Correct resource id for language sk-SK.
- Insertion handling: keep selection if non empty selection is replaced.
- TAB behavior after multi-selection undo sequence.
- Encoding tag insertion (Ctrl+F8).
- Division by zero exception (indentation and tab width).
- Selection undo/redo in case of "lean" change notify event.
- "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F" (Code Folding) no longer works from Windows 10 19H1 1903.
- Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR) (on hold).
- Slovak (sk-SK) (in progress).
- Swedish (sv-SE) (in progress).
- Turkish (tr-TR) (on hold).
Version 5.19.815.2595 (15 August 2019)
- Add settings for allowed AutoComplete fill-up chars.
- Advanced TOML Lexer.
- Multiselect Edit Indicator.
- Color hover and picker (HTML color def only #RRGGBB, to call color-picker: Alt+MouseClick).
- Encoding (Default) Settings dialog: use positive wording for all items.
- Sync Minipath Filter-Lines list with Notepad3 Lexers list.
- Use double-quotes as MRU list string limiter.
- Keep .ini backward compatibility for moved "Text Files" lexer (from "Default Text").
- Update to Oniguruma (ONI) v.6.9.3.
- Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.2.0 (2019-Jul-5).
- To force UTF-8 as preffered encoding: activate encoding detection failure fallback for default encoding.
- Allow Fixedsys font for GDI rendering.
- Color MarkOccurrences refactoring: use System's HighLight color as default (alpha:60).
- Replace Onigmo by Oniguruma (ONI).
- CED -> UCHARDET license and acknowledgement.
- Additional information on using copy version info button of About Dialog.
- Complete implementation of UTF-8-Sig MinPath.ini file handler.
- Use UTF-8-Sig for themes files.
- Use UTF-8-Sig for .ini-File Handler (Initial Version).
- Multi-Selection with selection restore on undo.
- Bookmark margin click.
- Some multi-selection enhancements.
- Multiple checks for (invalid) operations on rectangular selection.
- Lexers with empty "associated filename ext" will be intialized with default extentions.
- Load set localized menu before displaying dialog.
- Manual entry for "Suppressed Messages" set as '-1' will hide checkbox for "Don't display again".
- Issues regarding "no Notepad3.ini" file (defaults).
- The checkbox "Don't show this DialogBox again" now remembers positive answers only.
- Message "Large File Warning" now default value for large files > 256MB.
- Send NewLine to sci control, if this id no AutoComplete fill-up char.
- Obsolete newline after .ini-file sections with comments.
- Enhanced Unicode detection.
- Oniguruma (ONI) allow CRLF as newline token.
- Notepad3.ini file, remove some keys with default values (styles).
- Extended encoding detection debug information.
- Encoding detection failure fallback: current code-page or default encoding on new (if fallback forced).
- Multi-Selection while Mark-Occurrences of current word is active.
- Disable "NewLine" for AutoComplete fill-up.
- Remove (old) AHK Lexer in favour of modern AHK_L Lexer.
- Polish (pl-PL).
- Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR) (in progress).
- Turkish (tr-TR) (in progress).
Version 5.19.630.2381 (30 June 2019)
- Add another Dark Theme "Obsidian".
- Add option to disable Hyperlink Tooltip.
- ToolTip for Hyperlinks.
- 2nd Solution to build a shared library (DLL) (C++ runtime & Scintilla) version of Notepad3.
- Menu entry to mute MessageBox beeps.
- Theme Menu to load exported styles "on the fly" (e.g.: "Dark" or "Obsidian")
Factory Default, Standard Settings, a Dark Theme.
- Close Zoom Info Bubble after ~3 sec..
- Recent History button in Toolbar.
- [Settings2] key-values (internal) to control concurrent encoding detection.
- 2nd Encoding-Detector "Mozilla's UCHARDET" concurrent to
CED (Google's Compact Encoding Detection).
- Language selection in Main Menu .
- Command line option [/Y] to search env PATH for relative filename (NLS: strings).
- Customize Schemes: Caret style 'ovrbar' (default) to switch caret style between BAR and BLOCK .
- Highlight current line Frame-Mode (+ mode toggle Ctrl+Shift*I) (NLS: strings).
- Goto-Dlg (Line/Column) accepts TinyExpr (ignoring suffixes).
- Add CED reliability option (NLS: dialogs).
- Indentation consistency check on file open (NLS: dialogs).
- End-of-Line (EOL) consistency check on file open (NLS: dialogs).
- Checkbox for transparent Find/Replace Dialogbox on losing focus.
- Enable Undo on FileRevert / AutoReload.
- Adapt warning dialog according to new FileRevert / AutoReload undo/redo history.
- Add an "Always On Top" toolbar button.
- Rename "Doc Tail Chasing" => "Monitoring Log".
- Optimized FileWatching interval for "Chasing Tail" mode.
- Make "Add to Favorites" dialog resizable.
- Make Custom.Schemes and Find/Replace dialog resizable.
- BOOKMARK (margin flag) style changed to vertical flavor.
- Auto-Save after elevating user right.
- Rework Chinese encoding (GBK,GB2312,GB18030) detection and selection.
- Make international language menu (language independent).
- Start dual encoding detectors in (thread) parallel for large files
(disabled, due to lack of performance profiling).
- Support (internal) DevDebugMode.
- Menu item "HighDPI Toolbar" -> "Toggle Toolbar".
- Train Dutch (CP-1252) for UCD language detection models.
- Train Belarusian (CP-1251) for UCD language detection models.
- Train Africaans (CP-1252) for UCD language detection models.
- Word-wrap-symbol show/hide accelerator-key -> "Ctrl+Shift+7.
- Menu Languange Selector to Dynamic Language Selector.
- Up-to-Date SCI (GitHub Mirror 2019-May-10).
- Update of CED (2019-Feb-01).
- SpeedUp of RegEx Replace (in case of const replace pattern).
- Update of Onigmo RegEx engine (2019-Jan-24).
- Optimized file search for items (filebrowser, .ini file, dirs).
- Goto-Dlg (Line/Column) shows max line number.
- SCI new Nim lexer replaces old Nimrod lexer (new highlighting).
- Allow customizable fileName-RegEx to extensionlist
( \rc$; = all filenames (incl. ext) which ends on 'rc').
- Hand cursor coupled with indicator hover style only on modifier keys.
- Allow indicator styling for Hyperlink hover rendering.
- Find/Replace dialog <-> "Focused View" enhancements.
- Rework inconsistent line-breaks in status bar.
- Rework EOL and Indentation check with dialogs.
- Load external Toolbars (clear config on error, path relative to be portable).
- Focused View: refolding by lexer.
- Focused View started from Find/Replace dialog.
- Do not ignore notify change for Paste/Swap/Undo/Redo.
- Colourise bug on find next (w/ mark occurrences).
- Indentation warning dialog.
- Reworked: Consistent EOL and Indentation checks.
- Fix to support external Hot- and Disabled- Toolbar icons .
- Broken open hyperlink in web-browser (Ctrl+Click) and broken toolbar toggle.
- MUI - Replace Horizontal Ellipsis by 3 final point (ANSI Detection Issue).
- Write Language change to Settings2 on change immediately.
- Focused View not working for some Lexers.
- Find correct window for "Single File Instance".
- Single file instance: find correct window for real paths.
- Minor issue on UTF-8 encoding detection.
- High quality icon for Taskbar (big icons).
- Support high-definition icon for taskbar.
- .vcxproj files supporting VS2019 (vc142).
- Compact Encoding Detection (CED) as 2nd encoding detector
(rely on UCHARDET only).
- Hungarian (hu-HU).
- Italian (it-IT).
- Korean (ko-KR).
- Polish (pl-PL) (in progress).
Version (8 January 2019)
- Added initial "minipath.ini" to Visual Studio Project.
- Read undefined MiniPath settings from Notepad3.ini
(Preferred language and Favorites directory).
- MiniPath Multilingual support.
- Handle zero-length lines in line-sorting algorithm.
- Support for "Rust" source code syntax highlighting.
- Multilingual support.
- The TinyExpr module.
- Add schema related keywords Auto Completion & IME.
- Rebuilding the "Command Line Help" dialog.
- MiniPath About dialog: visual adjustments.
- Optimize icon resource handling.
- Optimized MiniPath resource file (icon/bitmap placement).
- Enhanced MiniPath.
- Small design change of MiniPath's Copy/Move dialog box.
- Print option "Screen Colors" now prints with the same colors
used on screen including line numbers.
- Changed behavior of removing duplicate lines (ignore EOL/EOF chars).
- Line sorting: Move empty lines to end of selection (always, if not removed).
- Adapted creator script to MUI structure.
- STD/2ND sync with DefaultText/2ndDefaultText handling.
- Reorganization of Menus in more sub-menu to shorter the Menus Lists.
- Show Zoom Percentage on magnification changes.
- Tidy Notepad3.ini to remove all defaulted [Setting] items
- Change Default settings to make the first experience of Notepad3
more attractive...
- Open Find/Replace: Use most recent search pattern instead of clipboard
(if selection eis empty)
- Encoding affinity: UTF-8 instead of local ANSI code-page.
- Replace dialog: tmp disable "mark all occ" in case of multi-line selection.
- Adaptations for MS Visual Studio 2019 Preview.
- Scintilla updated to 412.
- Do not reset scroll-width tracking on saving file
(issue #539:
- Fixed portable MiniPath redirector .ini files.
- Support Scintilla's new indicator box styles
- Fixed incremental search on find/replace dialog.
- Fixed line sorting.
- Center commandline help dialog.
- In case of STD lexer only display "Default Text" in statusbar
(indicator shows which one).
- Fixed resource file problem (preproc defines).
- Fixed save window Position (Default and Initial switch)
- Fixed problem with bad brace highlighting (indicator)
- if activated, ESC will close/minimize program immediately
w/o canceling selection/tooltip first.
- Fixed broken links in About dialog.
- fixed behavior of replace (dialog) in case of multi-line selection.
- Fixed disable accelerator-key interception for universal Unicode input method.
- Fixed ASCII fallback only for selected encodings.
- Fixed Onigmo RegEx Interface: bug in returning correct matching range.
- Afrikaans (af-ZA).
- Belarusian (be-BY).
- German (de-DE).
- English (en-GB).
- Spanish (es-ES).
- French (fr-FR).
- Japanese (ja-JP).
- Dutch (nl-NL).
- Russian (ru-RU).
- Chinese Simplified (zh-CN).
Version 4.18.511.992 (12 May 2018)
- Menu entries for (hidden) Accelerator Keys.
- Method to remove duplicate lines.
- Names under Acknowledgments on About box.
- Version info for Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 v15.7.(0-1) (VC v191426428).
- X-CaretPolicy ([Settings2] CurrentLineHorizontalSlop=0).
- 1st draft of "Toggle Visible" (hide non occurences lines).
- Initial version of Doc tail Chasing.
- StatusBar dynamic configuration.
- DPI awarenes on manual font scaling.
- Menu entry for switching HighDPI toolbar.
- Incremental match for search/replace dialog box.
- Default ini for Notepad3Portable.
- Scintilla library to v4.04.
- uthash library updated to current GitHub dev.
- Encoding of Notepad3 sources to UTF-8-Sig.
- Focus View icon.
- Prep Scintilla "Position" value type changes for large file support.
- Rebases internally used code page on UTF-8 (Scintilla multi-byte conversions).
- Renamed "Toggle View" to "Focused View".
- Replaced Tellenc by "Compact Encoding Detection" CED.
- Current Scintilla (404 : 05-May-2018) development.
- Focus View and Tail Function icons.
- Disabling UpdateChecker menu entry if no executable is configured.
- Adapted test to new Aboutbox calling.
- Menu Help instead of "?"
- Move File History (Recent File List) to Accel-Key Ctrl+Alt+H.
- Latest compiler tool chain recognition.
- Pad with Spaces in Rectangular Selection.
- Handling of default/standard lexer styles.
- Notepad3.ini redirection to avoid overriding settings by zipped distribution.
- Added last find pattern to file history.
- Added option to remove blank lines (containing blanks/tabs only).
- Added option to skip ANSI Code Page detection (tellenc)
(default is ON to preserve historic behavior).
- Added "Toggle View" button to toolbar.
- Compress White Spaces within rectangular selection.
- Consistent rectangular selection restauration after block operations.
- Enable "Toggle View" for main window.
- Enable "Customize Schemes" Preview button only
if selected lexer corresponds to opened file.
- External cmd tool using Google's "Compact Encoding Detection"
for encoding analysis.
- F/R dialog - enable "Ctrl+BS" to delete word in search string.
- File history dependent last search pattern option combined
with search history on/off option.
- Handling of F3 (find next - no F/R dialog).
- Kind of "incremental search" : Find/Replace "Mark All Occ" active:
typing search pattern scrolls to first match.
- Make Find Next Selected, Find Prev Selected as expected
using modern Scintilla API methods (instead of hand made operation).
- Int to DocPos type changes.
- Indication of find/replace state in FR dialog status bar.
- Non Modal Customize Schemes... dialog.
- Show or hide passphrase in dialog box.
- Selectable (and copy-able) version info header of About-Box.
- Statusbar segmentation resizing.
- Strip First/Last Char within rectangular selection.
- Strip Trailing Spaces within rectangular selection.
- "Toggle All Folds" -> "Toggle Folds" (works on selection only too now).
- "Toggle Folds": Selection range (really) toggles folds.
- "Toggle View" coop main window vs. F/R dialog.
- Delayed "mark occurrences" multi-triggering.
- Performance tuning after profiling std. handling.
- Delayed execution of time consuming update/redraw operation.
- Added user definable relative status width configuration.
- Added settings to user defined prefix strings for StatusBar sections.
- Delayed "Spinning Circle" transaction.
- Added "Extra Line Spacing" style option to ANSI Art (e.g. .nfo files)
(predefined -4).
- Minor speedup on notify changed event.
- Memory leakage in selection undo/redo stack.
- Remember initial search start position for incremental search.
- Some .ini-file handling stuff.
- Handling of "Mark Occ." and "Focused View"
in cooperation with find/replace dialog.
- Select initial default standard lexer.
- Missing document modified call.
- Pad with Spaces in Rectangular Selection
(correction for pure virtual space and skip empty lines).
- Renaming of UpdateChecker => Administration Tool.
- Issue regarding selection of default and 2nd default styling.
- Clear all occurrences marker on no matching search expression.
- Restore inital selection on search dialog canceling.
- Broken Hyperlink Hotspot handling.
- Brace matching for Batch Lexer.
- Y-CaretPolicy ([Settings2] CurrentLineVerticalSlop=0) default.
- Show replacement count info-box after UI update
(extended selection, replaced pattern).
- Issue regarding "Auto Complete Word" feature.
- Slow pasting of multiline clipboard.
- Style_SetLexer() should update line number margin width.
- Minor issues regarding selection anchor/current_caret in Find Next/Previous.
- Remember last search pattern on new files.
- Notepad3 window positioning.
- Initial window position handling (command line option "/pos").
- Search Next (F3) handling (ver II).
- Reset scroll width on font (size) changes (automatically adapted).
- Missing menu shortcut for "Remove Duplicate Lines" ("o").
- "Remove Duplicate Lines": wrong last line handling in case of no selection.
- Using process heap allocation instead of global memory allocation method
(according to MSDN guidelines).
- "Remove Duplicate Lines": skipping line on progress to next compare
when removing previous duplicate.
- Toggle line comment on empty line.
- Issue in Strip First/Last Char within rectangular selection.
- Update Toolbar,Statusbar and LinNumber Margin
on Observe NotifyEvent reactivation.
- Endless loop on "zero length match" at EOF.
- Reverting file from storage - Preserve view, cancel selection.
- Minor issue on display indication of find/replace state in FR dialog status bar.
- Small issues on Find/Replace Next/Previous operations.
- Pad with spaces in case of rectangular selection.
- HyperlinkHotspot handling while "Toggle Visibility" changes view.
- Issue with "Toggle Visibility" drawing a selection on clicking into view.
- Concurrency issue: main window vs. Find/Replace dialog.
- Folding level issue to hide non-occurrence match lines.
- Possible Deadlock.
- Avoid deadlock of occurence marker task scheduler.
- Enable FR state reset call from outside.
- Enhance indicator (redraw needed) of re-apply "Mark All Occurrences".
- "Compressed View": re-apply lexer styles on changed marked word.
- Proper view reset after reverting from compressed view.
- "Compressed View" - minor issues.
- UTF-16 LE BOM (Unicode) for Notepad3.ini. - Notepad3.ini should have
encoding UTF-16 LE BOM (Unicode) not the smaller UTF-8 Sig encoding format.
- Scroll-to issue in case of incremental search.
- Bug replacing reverse stream selection.
- Remove file-system/URL auto-completion from search box.
- F/R dialog : minor corrections.
- Occurrences marker counting.
- default "Slop" values changed.
- Undo/Redo handling in case of discarding U/R-Stack.
- Check "Toggle View" button in case of activation.
- Restore correct fold margin.
- Optimized "notify change" observation on clearing file buffer.
- Consistent "checked" for button and menu.
- "Focused View": disable encoding identifier insertion menu entry.
- Bug in toggle mechanism of "Toggle All Folds"
- "Toggle Folds": exclude fold point (headers) which have no children.
- "Toggle Folds": selection must span at least two lines.
- Matched Rizonesoft logo background with About dialog background.
- Replace in selection: Selection enlargement.
- Version to folding issue on hiding invisible/non-marked lines.
- Toggle Folds of complete document.
- Small issue reverting from "Focused View".
- Correct WordWrap after reverting from "Focused view".
- Small bug preventing Statusbar relative width settings
smaller than 1/10 of width.
- Missing last entry of statusbar configuration (ID=11).
- Bug while reading String to Vector.
- Switching modes (EOL,OVR, some other),
statusbar has not been updated accordingly.
- Deactivate "Focused View": set FoldingLevel to default
before applying Lexer's Style (-> speed-up).
- RAII (__try/__finally) for target transactions and
notify changed observation guards.
- StatusBar handling and display of "Default text" vs. "2nd Default Text".
- Added parameter to force update of Stausbar (e.g. theme change).
- Fractional font settings: add bias of 2%.
- Minor fixes and default value adjustments.
- Choose correct font size for deactivated "Hyperlink Hotspot" style.
- Force initial default position only if no window position is specified.
- Insert key into rectangular selection.
- Undo/Redo in case of selection insert/delete.
- Cleanup obsolete rectangular pasting helpers.
- Ignore notify change event on pasting rectangular selection.
- Leave Alt-Key-Down mode if keyboard focus lost.
- Broken Undo/Redo stack (in case of selection).
- Issue on recording initial selection Undo/Redo.
- Recording selection Redo/Undo action only for non empty selection.
- Statusbar line counting display.
- Modified document flag set unneccessaryly.
- Bug, where styling stopped after hotspot highligting.
- wyUpdate stuff from portable installation.
Version 3.18.311.928 (11 March 2018)
- Accelerator-Key to toggle tranparency mode (Alt+0 => Alt+G).
Version 3.18.311.925 (11 March 2018)
- New: About Box (RichEdit library 2.0)
- New: Version string patching commands for different local builds.
- Accelerator Keys: (Alt+0: Toggle Transparency),
(Alt+Shift+N: Launch new empty window).
- Added "tellenc" acknowledgement to About test.
- Move "About..." dialog call to end of Help menu.
- New compiler version.
- Version info in About text.
- Pressing F3 at Find/Replace dialog performs a find and
switches focus to main window.
- Activation of Undo TB-Icon on operations, that can't be undone.
- Onigmo: use CR (\r) as mono line-break symbol too.
- Format number with thousand seperator and digit grouping
acording to regional settings.
- Integration of "tellenc" encoding detection ideas.
- Use Windows regional ANSI Code Page settings for fallback in case of file
encoding detection failure (instead of default encoding for created files).
- Use all ASCII line breaks for line termination ($) meta char.
- Onigmo backward search.
- Consider "load 7-bit ASCII as UTF-8" settings on encoding detection.
- Added BOM detection to encoding analysis.
- Issue regarding hyperlink positioning of AboutBoy in case of
none standard sytem font styling.
- Swap clipboard while pasting into selection.
Version (23 February 2018)
- Critical error with automatic updates.
- Swap clipboard bug while pasting into selection.
Version (22 February 2018)
- Accelerator Key (Alt+A) to switch ON/OFF occurrences marker/counter.
- Feature "Scroll Past End of File" (settings).
- Menu entry to check directly for updates.
- PortableApps AppCompactor call for UPX compression of NP3 binaries.
- R-Statistics Code lexer.
- Status/info bar in find/replace dialog.
- Seperator on help menu update entries.
- Styling for folding marks (charset:1 -> circles / case:U -> double lines).
- wyUpdate's client configuration to PortableApps version.
- Executables now compressed with NRV2E method.
- Scintilla version 4.0.3 and documentation update.
- Adapted VS compiler version string for About dialog.
- Change start of project on GitHub (date) to 2015 (Version.h).
- Compiler optimization flags for release build.
- Encoding type of Version.h from UTF-8 (Signature) to UTF-16 LE,
to get Copyright sign right
- Folding STyle: case:L/U for box vs. circle style;
charset:0/1/2 single line after/before/enclosing.
- Registry files lexer to support eolfilled on "Added Keys".
- Added "Shift+F1" Accelerator Key to open "About..." box.
- Allow negative values for Extra Line Spacing (compact line view).
- Automatic Updates and incorporated launch of update installer "wyUpdate.exe".
- Changed tab-stop order while navigating several dialogs.
- Dynamic horizontal scroll bar width adaption.
- More prominent replace dialog button "In Selection".
- "Registry Files" lexer: enable attribute "eolfilled" for all styles of this lexer.
- Replace (virtual) rectangular (empty) selection.
- Wrap to Column allowed w/o selection (use complete text)
- Undo/redo stack does not need to store virtual space options.
- Check for Alt-Key down/up to allow drawing rectangular selection in virtual space.
- Use faster method (SCI direct call) to set/reset virtual space access option.
- Minor issues in context of undo/redo (virtual) rectangular (empty) selection.
- Static URL string to open version check website.
- Tidy up menu navigation via keyboard.
- Paste multi-line clipboard into rectangular selection.
- Copy/paste and redo/undo on empty/virtual rectangular selection.
- Prepare (i) for Scintilla's Position type change to 64-bit.
- Corrupted "Page Setup..." dialog layout (after changing tab-stop order).
- Pasting into rectangular selections.
- Tab-key and indentation handling.
- Indentation and rectangular selection (final solution still open).
- "Single line selection" criteria.
- Synchronized updates for Toolbar & Statusbar.
- Empty settings string, if ToolbarButtons are reset to defaults.
- Changed navigation keys for "Edit" menu.
- Set virtual space option "SCVS_NOWRAPLINESTART" for
Alt-Key down rectangular selection only.
- Bug in calculating position for thousand separator.
- Handle case: virtual space user access not allowed.
- Selected default lexer has not been used as default startup lexer.
- Code folding integrated in margin.
- unique Style IDs.
- Disable folding operations for lexers, which don't support it.
- Default Folding Style: single line after heading.
- Bug in changed "Windows Registry Files" lexer.
- Undo/Redo action w/o selection sets/preserves selection mode (bug).
- Support styler attribute "eolfilled" in any Reg-Key case (Windows Registry Lexer).
- Small datatype correction.
- Map Toolbar Labels according to bitmap/settings file.
- Registry Files lexer: bug in GUID in Key Path with eolfilled attribute.
- Broken swap clipboard w/ selection.
- Restore selection set/replaced by replace dialog.
- Fill find/replace search box with selection/clipboard on non switching Ctrl+F/H.
- Bug detecting find/replace dialog is foreground or not.
- Initial .ini file: corrections for labeling toolbar icons.
- Performance issue: Replace All - delay status update until transaction finished.
Version (31 January 2018)
- Accelerator Key "Ctrl+Alt+J" -> Fuse Lines
(:= Join Lines, line-breaks NOT replaced by Space).
- Setting2 parameter to adjust "Mark Occ" and "Hyperlink" styling delay.
- Highlight current line stuff gathered.
- Customize Schemes... Style Names.
- Added Accelerator Keys: Alt+LEFT/RIGHT to FOLD/EXPAND folding section.
- add empty sections to initial settings file (.ini) to force a canonical order.
- Canonical initial Notepad3.ini.
- Make selection block indentation similar to VisualStudio's.
- Performance for several modify text operations.
- Correct in-memory encoding/re-coding of text.
- Join Lines (preserve paragraphs) issue.
- Byte counting for selection.
- Bug in joining lines algorithm.
- Alt+H should open history file access dialog not help menu
(add ? to revert to known access key).
- Revisit usage of "Mark Occurrences" and "Hyperlink Styling" delay usage.
- Rectangular selection: (virtual empty) selection persists after clear.
- Sentencecase some strings in "Customize Schemes...".
- SpeedUp undo/redo action collections.
- Lock NotifyUpdate and TargetSelection in case of multi action
redo/undo and target replacements.
- Handling of document modified flag in case of NotifyChange bypass.
- Redo/undo and jump-to behavior having an active selection.
- Wrong test on rectangular selection.
- More select and replace target issues.
- Toggle All folds behavior.
- TAB indentation handling according to predecessors (NP2).
- selection (anchor and current caret position) handling.
- Enh: Version check for Visual Studio 2017 v.15.5.5.
- "Line Comment" id noselection and current pos == indent pos.
- Initial .ini-file: unused section removed.
- Support scintilla msg: SCN_NEEDSHOWN (EXPAND folded sections if needed).
- Avoid some issues regarding folding, using SCI_SETAUTOMATICFOLD.
- Revert TAB + Selection action corresponding to VisualStudio's behavior.
- Sensible handling of "Block -> (Un)Indent" for different kinds of selections.
- Font selection dialog does not reset some styles correctly.
- Preserve selection on Line Comment toggle.
- Char2Hex: Remove limit single byte selection.
Version (13 January 2018)
- "Customize Schemes..." UI change to represent "relative sizing hierarchy".
- Initial version of Nim Lexer. Added Scintilla project and header for Nim lexer.
- Compiler version 191225834 (VS2017 v15.5.3).
- Executables not compressed with UPX.
- Menu "Mark Occurrences" whole word matching: radio button behavior.
- Onigmo RegEx syntax dialect.
- Onigmo regex engine: use PERL 5.10 syntax +
enable "\<" and "\>" word boundary matching.
- Option "after visible" for styling in background (idle time).
- Replace Windows Notepad Installer version only.
- View "2nd Default Style" as (dbl-clickable) status bar item.
- Word Wrap mode from WORD to SPACE to avoid wrapping at style change edges.
- Force position progress in case of zero-length matches.
- Re-introduce "max mark occurrence counter" to avoid lazy UI.
(Set .ini section [Settings2] MarkOccurrencesMaxCount=-1 for unlimited (MAX_INT)).
- NimLexer = NimrodLexer -> rely on Scintilla distribution for Nim(rod) lexer.
- Reasonable assumption for memory allocation of style handling (backup, save, load).
- statusbar: information about usage of 2nd Default Style.
- Statusbar: Count number of bytes in current encoding.
- structured "Mark Occurrences" menu hierarchy.
- Statusbar Partitioning.
- Cache page instead of line only.
- Mark Occurrence triggers enhancements.
- Non visible styling during idle time.
- Tuning delay parameter of "Mark Occurrences" (instantly).
- Remove test for set already, if indicator does not change.
- Redraw indicator ranges (Mark Occurrences) only if needed -
avoiding recursive SCN_UPDATEUI notifications.
- Several Mark Occurrences (instantly) issues.
- Regarding Scheme customizing (rel. size) and View Menu (Mark Occ.).
- Onigmo regex engine PERL syntax: supporting named groups referencing
in replacement text.
- Correct counting of found matches.
- Broken find/replace (regex) on groups.
- Some customizing scheme issues (relative font size hierarchy).
- Document modified flag not set properly (title, toolbar & statusbar only).
- Renaming menu entries Edit: "Clear" -> "Delete"
- Menu "Mark Occurrences" whole word matching: add check indicator if
one of word matching options (selected/current) is used.
- Regex replacement on look-ahead assertion.
- relative font sizing of non-default-style entries in custom schemes.
- Font selection box title display.
- clean coding for "relative sizing hierarchy".
- Update view on style change in "Customize schemes..."
- Bug regarding "Reset" button in "Customizing Schemes..." dialog.
- Bug in detect and style Hyperlink Hotspot.
- Losing state of "Transform Backslashes" while switching regex/wildcard search.
- Block "mark occurrences" event on transaction pair:
- protect SCI target transactions by a guard to break recursion of
Mark Occurrences caused by ChangeNotification() events.
- Handle "2nd Default Styles" as separate standard (2nd) lexer module.
- Handling initial 1st or 2nd default style in case of "Default Text",
shown on int "Customize Schemes...".
- Crash on navigation between schemes beyond start/end of tree view.
- Disable (using 1st Default Style)
"Associated filename extensions" for "2nd Default Style".
- Clone associated filename extension list of Default Style (for 2nd Default Style).
- move word wrap start symbol to margin (new WW mode SPACE (instead of WORD))".
- Mark Occurrences timeout on Find/Replace.
- Optimized status bar partitioning.
- Revert naming for "2nd Default Text".
- Bug on switching between 1st and 2nd standard lexers.
- Selection of 1st or 2nd standard lexer (Default Text) based on Use2ndStandard flag.
Version (5 January 2018)
- New: Hyperlink Hotspot Style updates on UpdateUI event (visible area only)
- New: Switch to draw all occurrences in visible area only.
- New: (Mark Occurences) instant word highligting.
- Async mark all occurrences via timer (UI response).
- Delayed mark all occurrences for better UI response.
- Fixed some issuses, which eat up CPU.
- Optimizing timer handling to avoid multiple calls of complex methods.
- Custom toolbar images ini settings added.
- Add hints for free text style properties in "Customize Schemes...".
- Test version numbers for month Jan - Sep (mono digit).
- Redundant echo of expected version string.
- Toggle line comments were placed at line end.
- "Match Current Word" should not highlight partial word matches in other lines.
- Fetching wrong visible document line number in case of hidden or wrapped lines.
- Ignoring queued timer event, if timer has been killed.
- use current lexer's default text font size as base font size for
relative sizing of other styles.
- mark occurrences counter not updated in time.
Version 3.17.1228.783 (28 December 2017)
- New: Added batch script to bulk encrypt files of given directory with encryption tool.
- New: inticator style used for matching braces too.
- New: Java sourcecode to compile a class which acts as a standalone tool for decrypting Notepad3's encrypted files.
- New: Regex - "Dot matches all" vs. "Dot does not match line-breaks" switchable by option in find/replace dialog.
- Fix: Update coloring on window message WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE, including Hyperlink hotspot colors.
- Fix: Crash on empty password for encryption tool.
- Fix: Existing bash test script for encryption tool.
- Fix: Onigmo regex: . matches any charakter and does not stop at line breaks.
- Fix: Onigmo regex: remove extend mode, where # is used as line rest comment.
- Fix: Change hard coded default values for matching brace styling according to new style (indicator).
- Fix: font styling of Hyperlinks are not reset to default if feature is switched off.
Version 3.17.1223.778 (23 December 2017)
- New: More triggers for Hyperlink style updated.
- New: Online Documentation menu item.
- New: Added Scintilla's indicator styles to scheme config for "Mark Occurences".
- New: Dual configuration of Default Text Font or Current Scheme's Default Text Font.
- New: Replaced DeelX with Onigmo regular expression engine.
- Changed: uthash to version 2.0.2.
- Changed: Enhanced style copy method.
- Fix: Minor fixes for Onigmo interface class.
- Fix: Hyperlink feature related delay of font changing.
- Fix: Last hyperlink was restyled to lexer's style (not desired hotspot style).
- Fix: Default lexer style changed a litle bit after first UI update.
- Fix: Redraw bug in case of SCI_COLOURISE.
- Fix: Removed some Hyperlink dection triggerpoints, which might be collide with SEARCHINTARGET and REPLACETARGET race conditions (seperate threads).
- Fix: Removed unneccessary Hyperlink trigger-point from InitInstance().
- Fix: Performance issue while pasting long text from clipboard.
- Fix: Local memory freeing.
- Fix: Complete set of font weights for syntax scheme.
- Fix: Prepare fixing race-condition search/replace target vs. selection.
- Fix: Set target range only for search/replace and not for paste after modifying selection (race-condition search/replace target vs. selection).
- Fix: Transform backslashes for regex find/replace.
- Fix: Out of range fallback for indicator string retrieval.
- Fix: Issue regarding TransformBackslash handler (regex vs. std & find vs. replace).
- Fix: Replace dialog: Resize regex text box to not overlay other control.
- Fix: Enable more hyperlink styling trigger points, since "replace target" race-conditions have been fixed and fast regex engine (Onigmo) is integrated.
- Fix: Issue regarding applying lexer style while hyperlink feature is active.
- Fix: Reverting to buffered draw, until screen flickering issues are clarified.
- Fix: Onigmo regex engine handling string/line end meta char '$' independent of EOL mode.
- Fix: Replace-all with look-behind assertion.
- Fix: Onigmo word boundaries issues (incl. "double" escaped esc) (not solved yet: multi escaped esc).
- Fix: Customize schemes issues (now Default Font: is applied to "Default Text" and "Current Lexers" Default Font).
- Fix: Allow (horiz.)TAB chars in selection copied to find/replace dialog search box on pop up time (Ctrl+F).
- Fix: Setting "Default Font..." will clear current lexer's default font - inherits global default font then.
- Fix: "Default Font..." configuration issue.
- Fix: "Default Font..." add check for current scheme is not default text already.
- Fix: Schemes in alphabetical order (displayed names).
- Fix: Bug on font selection - global vs. current scheme.
- Fix: More bugs regarding standard lexer handling.
- Fix: Using WYSIWYG fonts (screen vs. printer).
- Fix: Inconsistencies: cut,copy,replace,... mainmenu and context menu vs. toolbar.
- Fix: New Font selection New: 2nd Default Font not supported completely.
- Fix: setting/changing encryption pass-phrase did not trigger "file modified" flag.
- Fix: Problem with 1st vs. 2nd Default Text Scheme selection.
- Fix: Inconsistency 1st vs. 2nd Default Text Font selection.
- Fix: Use Standard Lexer on new (empty) files.
- Fix: General bug fixes and code cleanup.
Version 3.17.1210.729 (10 December 2017)
- New: Added Awk Script syntax highlighting (Python lexer based)
- New: Enhanced URL Hotspot highlighting.
- New: open Hyperlink in NP3 (if applicable: "file://...").
- New: Update notification in Notepad3 setup.
- New: URL Hotspot (first version).
- Changed: [Settings2] section default values (and comment out if not changed) of initially distributed Notepad3.ini
- Enhancement: Code Cleanup
- Fix: Edit/Special : URL encoding/decoding for full UTF-8 (non ASCII) characters.
- Fix: flashing of Search text-box of find/replace dialog in case of Win7 Classic theme
- Fix: Gibberish output if URL decoded again (2nd time).
- Fix: URL decoding, if encoding has "%#nnn" formatted ASCII chars.
- Fix: HTML character encoding starts with ampersand, not percent char.
- Fix: URL encoding: Added flag URL_ESCAPE_PERCENT for UrlEscape().
- Fix: Added version info for VS2017 v.15.5
- Fix: Consistent texts for "Hyperlink Hotspots".
- Fix: Hyperlink Hotspots turned off by default. (not stable enough to force the feature).
- Fix: Normal setup can now clean replace Windows Notepad registry keys.
- Fix: Added some more places, where Hotspot style redrawing does not slow down responsiveness.
Version 3.17.1202.715 (2 December 2017)
- New: Additionally show full path to current directory in windows title.
- Changed: Move "Mark Occurrences" check box from menu to find/replace dialog options.
- Changed: Renaming of drag n' drop methods.
- Fix: Removed unused mouse wheel message interception.
- Fix: Disabling buffered draw. (Scintilla: "Current platforms perform window buffering so it is almost always better for this option to be turned off.")
- Fix: Font Smoothing: [Settings2] SciFontQuality=n has no effect on some special fonts (preserving old behavior if not defined).
- Fix: Adapt text for messagebox: no valid drop-file.
- Fix: issue regarding Accelerator keys for find/replace dialog.
- Fix: Minipath full path display in titlebar (no dbl-slash in case of drive letter only).
- Fix: Mark occurrences: Outline frame of indicator box shouls have same aplpha channel color (configurable alpha2:nnn).
- Fix: Find/replace dialog: mark occurrences: use standard save/restore settings behavior.
- Fix: #192 Drag n' drop from 32-bit process on Notepad3 x64 window
Version 3.17.1124.690 (24 November 2017)
- Added Book Mark style (Color Background and Alpha) to customize schemes...
- New "D" and "Go" programming language support.
- Update: Compiler version detection.
- Update: Scintilla Lib v.4.0.2 (402).
- Adapt: C/C++ styles - keyword vs. typedefs.
- Changed SDK version target to 10.0.16299.0
- Major refactoring of find/replace regex evaluation.
- Optimized DeelX regex interface.
- Minor fix for DeelX RegEx engine.
- Move position after replacement (EditReplace()).
- Refactoring of "Replace All" methods.
- Split C++ Keywords in two parts (1st: standard keywords, 2nd: keywords starting with double underscore "__xxx").
- Minor polish of
- Put changes compared to Notepad2-mod into
- Repair empty resource file (Notepad3.rc).
- Bookmark Enhancements
- Replaced old bookmark pixmap (visible margin) by Scintilla's BOOKMARK marker style.
- Swap text fields in Find/Replace dialog.
- Enhance: comments with useful web links.
- Enhance: Increase buffers for edit box in "Customize Schemes..." dialog.
- New: Auto remember bookmarks in recent file history.
- New: find/replace mark occurrences.
- New: Indicator in find text box, if search string is matched in document.
- New: Mark occurrences coloring is now configurable via "Customize Schemes...".
- New: "Swap Strings" button in Find/Replace dialog.
- New: validate regexpr.
- Fix: Revert to Scintilla's default mouse down and mouse wheel capture mode.
- Fix: "Mark All Occurrences" setting of find/replace dialog should only be persisted, if "Save Settings on Exit" is enabled.
- Fix: UpdateLineNumberWidth() triggers cleanup.
- Fix: Issue with update of line number margin width.
- Fix: Transform backslash issues.
- Fix: C/C++ keywords and types.
- Timer call for mark occurrences during find/replace.
- Fix: lookaround regex (DeelX) matches were not replaced.
- Fix: Issue regarding find/replace empty-string.
- Fix: Adapt DeelX RE interface according to enhanced find/replace dialog.
- Fix: Issue #173 - regex/wildcard search: replacement string not used if "Check All Occurrences" is active.
- Fix: Recoding minipath's version.h to UTF-8-Sig, because it contains codepage dependant copyright sign.
- Fix: Corrections to .vcproj settings inconsistencies (reported in release build process).
- Fix: undo/redo issues (if no selection choosen).
- Fix: Consecutive DEL/BACKSP undo/redo broken (wrapped by unconditional selection undo/redo).
- Fix: Issues found by static code analysis.
- Fix: Bug in getting string length from dialog box readout.
- Fix: Break criteria for "replace all in range".
- Fix: Issues found regarding zero-length matches using regex anchors, including infinite loops on replace all.
- Fix: RegEx start anchor adjustment.
- Fix: Problem with regex line start and replacements at line end.
- Fix: Issues regarding selection undo/redo.
- Fix: Issues regarding margins configuration.
- Fix: Issue #139 and #143 (remove selection undo/redo for non-text-changing operations on selections).
- Fix: issue #144 (Left arrow no longer moves to previous line).
- Fix: issue #145 (Mark Occurrences Counter is broken).
- Fix: Pasting clipboard content into selection box should replace text and cancel selection then.
- Minor bug fixes and more...
Version 2.17.1023.632 (23 October 2017)
- Add code snippet (activation only prepare for future extensions).
- Added switch ([Settings2] UseOldStyleBraceMatching) to preserve old style
brace matching behavior.
- Applied patch from Neil Hodgson (Master of Scintilla Lib - respond to
scintilla lib issue report #1976).
- Changed buffers for operating edit box in customize schemes.
- Documentation: Minor changes to Notepad3.txt.
- Documentation: doc/Notepad3.txt - add description of [Section2] .ini settings
(mostly taken from orig. Notepad2 FAQs).
- Default to modern displays settings, using Scintilla's new technology
: SciDirectWriteTech=1, SciFontQuality=3
- First prottotype of VirtualSpace RectangularSelection by default (very old
behavior can be turned on by [Settings2] DenyVirtualSpaceAccess=1).
- Implemented Feature Request #51 (buffer size of file extension edit box).
- New: Show warning before loading file with unknown (custom schemes) file name extension.
- License.txt: switch to UTF-8 encoding.
- Restore wrongly discarded np3portableapps .ini files for NP3Portable,
redirecting .ini reading to correct path.
- Small code refactoring (replacing deprecated methods).
- Settings [Section2] (cannot be set via GUI) add all possible names and
default values, if applicable.
- Fixed .ini paths for np3portableapps.
- Fix: Crash in Favorites management.
- Fix: pasting clipboard content into selection box should replace text and
cancel selection then (in case of swapping clipboard, the selection is preserved).
- Remove settings for "Favorites" directory -> NP3 uses then users system
default folder (%USERPROFILE%\Favorites).
Version 2.17.1016.610 (16 October 2017)
- Added remove button for list items.
- Checkbox for "preserve caret position" settings.
- File History Dlg: rename button "Remove" -> "Discard"
(discard selected item from file history list).
- Minor bugfixes for session feature
(file history: remember caret pos and encoding).
- Removed unnecessary build artifacts from np3portable.
Version 2 Build 605 (15 October 2017)
- Fix: Crash on accessing UndoRedo structure while NP3 instance has
not been initialized completely (.LOG file opening bug).
Version 2 Build 600 (15 October 2017)
- Fix: Virtual space access: column indicator.
- Fix: Customize Schemes... Font... selection: bold/italic now detected
(bold: if selection >= FW_SEMIBOLD)
Version 2 Build 583 (11 October 2017)
- Cleanup AHK testing script, add test artifacts.
- Generalized internal multi-byte codepage definitions (code cleanup).
- Fix: syntax error on exit script.
- Fix: Try to retrieve correct file version for Notepad3Portable creator.
- Fix: StatusBar Col display is not correct in case of Virtual Space Access.
- Fix: locale / language independant version patching batch for Notepad3Portable
- Fix: version patching for Notepad3 PortableApps build batch.
- Fix: Recode to ANSI (in case of Chinese ANSI code-page)
Version 2 Build 568 (8 October 2017)
- Updated the Run Dialog icon.
- Code comment for completeness.
- Enhanced clipboard recoding detection.
- Prettier Browse Icon.
- StatusBar information enhancements.
- Fix: Reverting "reload as UTF-8 not work bugfix".
- Fix: Texture glitch on "Browse" button.
- Fix: Binary directory to build portable app.
- Fix: In-text encoding (convert encoding).
- Fix: minor StatusBar string corrections.
- Fix: Support pasting position at virtual space.
- Fix: Move caret to convenient position after pasting clipboard (no current selection).
- Fix: Virtual space navigation and rectangular selection (allow "Virtual Space Rectangular Selection"
also allows moving Caret into virtual space (beyond line end))
- Fix: Copy/Cut & Paste of current line (in case of no selection
- Visual Studio behavior - using SCI's MSDEVLineSelect).
- Fix: Bug in code-page related text conversion.
Version 2 Build 548 (3 October 2017)
- Code cleanup
- Fix: Made corrections to build 505 change log (spelling, grammar, etc).
- Fix: FILE status becomes [MODIFIED] when doing CONTROL+A to select ALL.
- Fix: Paste from clipboard to ANSI code page:
unnecessary switching encoding to UTF-8.
- Fix: Undo/Redo of virtual space selection rectangle not correct.
- Fix: StatusBar SelectionCount (Sel) : count chars instead of bytes.
- Fix: Punctuation chars for "Accelerated Word Navigation" (Settings2:
ExtendedWhiteSpaceChars= add non word chars here).
- Fix: Do mouse wheel scrolling in editor area only.
- Fix: DPI awareness in manifest.
- Fix: word delimiter in case of "Accelerated Word Navigation".
- Correct UFT Spelling on Encoding menu.
Version 2 Build 505 (23 September 2017)
- 1st chunk of StrSafe migration.
- Some more StrSafe changes
- Fix: manually edited settings (SciDirectWriteTech, SciFontQuality)
should be placed in settings section [Settings2].
- Extended default "space char set" for "Accelerated Word Navigation" to avoid
unexpected "accelerated word navigation" behavior, space-char extension is
restricted to 7-bit ASCII char set (ignoring specified non-7-bit-ASCII chars).
- StrSafe adaptions
- Fixed: settings SciFontQuality have been overwritten by Scheme configuration.
(Fonts: Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, Corbel, Segoe UI are using
'cleartype smoothing' (SC_EFF_QUALITY_LCD_OPTIMIZED) by default, if not
configured in Schema definition for Lexer)
- Added font "Source Code Pro" to list of special fonts for cleartype smoothing.
- Fix: undo destructive operation on selection (rectangle) does not restore
selection or preserves selection mode (extends selection on caret movement)
-> need to send SCI_CANCEL at the end of restored selection.
- Found bug caused by StrSafe migration
(COUNTOF() for buffer size must not be used on buffer pointer)
- migrate StrCpyN() and StrCatBuff() to corresponding StrSafe.h methods
- Adapted lstrcpyn() calls according to StrSafe.h requirements.
- Refactoring of "Accelerated Word Navigation" to be compliant with Scintillas
WhiteSpace and Punctuation defines.
- "Accelerated Word Navigation" activation influences "Mark Occurrences" (whole word) if set
- Extended: Remember selection undo / redo
- Added undo / redo selection to more operations
- Found Scintilla 400 method "SCI_CUT" (cut selection) broken: lost last char
replaced by SCI_COPY & SCI_CLEAR combination (for now).
- changes to EditGetClipboardText() solved the SCI_CUT problem, so it can be switched back
from SCI_COPY & SCI_CLEAR to SCI_CUT (byte alignment in 64-bit, i am nut sure)
- switching Scintilla internal codepage to UTF-8 only (resp. Japanese,
Chinese and Korean DBCS) single-byte encoding is supported externally and
converted (fore and back) to UTF-8 internally, this simplifies i.e. clipboard exchange, etc.
- Removed support for obsolete Korean Johab (1361) codepage.
- Fixed ConvertText() according to internal SCI codepage
- Refactoring: Encoding handling
- More operations for selections undo/redo.
- Enabled "unlimited" (as in Scintilla Lib: dep. on memory and INT_MAX)
undo / redo selection history using utarray from uthash header library
- Moved crypto readme to doc dir
- remove internal codepage support for Chinese, Japan, Korean DBCS use
generalized UTF-8 codepage instead
(conversions do not work as expected within scintilla lib)
- Dropping Windows XP support , using compiler toolset vc141 Win SDK 10.0.
(current VC++ redistributable needed?)
- Replaced lstrcmp() and lstrcmpi() by StrSafe (helper.h defined) methods.
- Relaunch elevated keeping current changes in a buffer.
- Fixed some problems for feature "relaunch elevated preserve changes".
- First AppVeyor config
- Remember window position in case of "relaunch elevated".
- Fixed memory initialization problem during InitInstance()
- Enhanced consistency between toolbar (save button) and titlebar (modified marker)
- "Relaunch elevated": use current .ini-file instead of new user's (Admin's) .ini
- Cleanup tmp filebuffer, if elevation has been rejected.
- Fixed crash in case of wrong Encoding (detection)
- Changed version display on Help/About.
- New Powershell script to patch version numbers
- appveyor.yml using same powershell commands to patch version
- Remove FindReplaceDlg handle declared as external from compilation unit Edit.c not really needed here.
(externals (handles / pointers) seemed to be a problem on module init instance time in 64-bit)
- Fixed: Open find dialog the first time (new NP3 instance) while
clipboard is empty, NP3 crashes (try to LocalFree() static allocated memory)
- Fixed: RegExpr "Find previous" corrected (find mode "left to right" has been
used, which has not the intended behavior).
- Updated Compiler Info.
- Added build.txt (and .ps1 changes) for Local Build Version patching
(common AppVeyor/Local script).
- Fixed issue "Convert to Title Case" while selected text is all upper case.
- Fixed broken "Complete Word" feature (Ctrl+Enter/Return).
- Changed accelerator key for feature "Complete Word" from Ctrl+Enter to Ctrl+Alt+Enter.
- Added feature "Insert New (empty) Line above current line Ctrl+Enter (as in VisualStudio).
- Code cleanup
- Added new Settings "Virtual Space on Rectangular Selection" used to select.
rectangle not delimited by line endings (but including virtual space).
- Readme.txt Updated. (Thanks Will)
Version 2 Build 450 (18 August 2017)
- Update to Scintilla 400 (early bird) pre-release.
- Renamed encoding menu item: "Recode No FileVars" (Alt+F8) =>> "Ignore Encoding Tags" (Alt-F8)
- UTF-8 encoding of License.txt (fixing: different ANSI codepage for copyright sign)
- Fixed "file modified" flag not set on Ctrl+X actions
- Fixed re-enable accidentally disabled toolbar buttons (find, replace, clear, toggle-folds, file-launch)
- Fixed remove obsolete settings entry, never read (SciDrawTechnology)
- Fixed crash: not a good idea to make char array (char*) external to other compilation unit.
- Fixed wrong shortcut in menu on word navigation (Ctrl+LEFT/RIGHT)
Version 2 Build 440 (16 August 2017)
- Added Enabling/Disabling Save-Button in toolbar according to file modified indicator.
- Added Del/Back Selection preserving on Undo/Redo
- Cut Selection (Ctrl-X) will preserve Selection on Undo/Redo
- Zero initializing string buffers (hardening code while searching an issue regarding "Recent Files" list in "relative paths" mode
- Menu integration of "hidden" commands
- Fixed unicode conversion error fixed in .rc
- Fixed Toolbar Button "Save" has to be enabled on encoding changes
- Fixed bug on path compare for editing own settings file (.ini) to disable "save settings" menu entries (should be case insensitive)
- Fixed: restore "rectangular" selection too on "Selection Cut" Undo/Redo
- Fixing and cleanup build for Notepad3Portable
Version 2 Build 432 (10 August 2017)
- Added command line option ( /v ) to print file immediately and quit (like Window's original notepad.exe /p option).
- Added printing additional option /v dialog to allow access to the Printer dialog (as on Menu: Print... ).
- Enlarge some string buffers for dialogs.
- Initial version of Launche and Installer build.
- Build environment, to create Notepad3Portable (according to (x86/x64).
- Fixed issue #35 (preserve FileExtension settings while switching Styles / 2nd Default Scheme).
- Fixed np3encrypt vcxproj files.
Version 2 Build 422 (10 August 2017)
- Cleanup manifest handling
- Minipath DPI aware false
Version 2 Build 411 (9 August 2017)
- Added VisualStudio's Editor Behaviour for Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X
- Added VS2017 .vcproj files and adapted Compiler Tool Set accordingly
- Reintroduce HighDPI toolbar
- Integrate Scintillas DirectWrite technology
- Minor cleanups reported by CppCheck v.1.79
- Fixed nullptr access while pressing "favorites" toolbar button on 'virgin' Notepad3 ToolBar
- Fixed broken Ctrl-Q (toggle line comments)
Version 2 Build 398 (13 June 2017)
- Added Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 (vc141) support.
- Updated Scintilla to version 3.7.5
- Don't use 2nd default syntax scheme by default. (Issue #21)
- Bigger Toolbar Buttons (24px). Should be big enough now. (Issue #21)
Version 1 Build 388 (06 January 2017)
- Updated Scintilla to version 3.7.2
- MiniPath now works on Windows XP
Version 1 Build 386 (08 December 2016)
- Added RaPeHoff to the contributors list.
- Update to Scintilla 371 (NP2 adaption due to deprecated data types).
- Clean-code Solution (instead of "magic numbers").
- Crypto Module: code cleanup
- Crypto Module: Replaced LocalAlloc/GlobalAlloc by HeapAlloc methods.
- Integration of DeelX RegExpr engine (
- Fixed block selecting cause crash.
Version 1 Build 350 (05 September 2016)
- Added Microsoft Visual C++ Update 3 version number
- Updated HTML Keywords
- Updated Scintilla to version 3.6.7
Version 1 Build 330 (24 June 2016)
- Added Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 version number
- Added Support for Inno Setup 5.5.9
- Implemented a new versioning scheme
- Updated Apache Keywords for version 2.4
- Updated to Scintilla 3.6.6
- Updated Rizonesoft Versions Program
- Fixed Compiler warnings
- Fixed Favorites Function
- Removed Visual Studio 2010 to 2013 Support
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