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Bootmachine is a bootstrapping tool for securely provisioning virtual servers up until the point where customized configuration management begins.

The bootmachine's goal is to allow getting started with, maintenance of, and exploring new stack options through a simple, pluggable and highly customizable interface.

Configuration Management Tools

Currently supported:

Next in the queue:


Currently supported:

  • Rackspace Openstack Compute API v1 via openstack.compute
  • Rackspace Openstack Compute API v2 via python-novaclient
  • Non-rackspace Openstack Compute via python-novaclient
  • Write your own

Next in the queue:


Currently supported:

Next in the queue:

  • Gentoo
  • openSUSE
  • CentOS
  • RHEL
  • Write your own

Documentation about the usage and installation of the bootmachine can be found at:

The source code and issue tracker can be found on GitHub:

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