Audio podcasting functionality for Django sites.
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Django Podcasting

Django Podcasting is a reusable application which provides audio podcasting functionality for websites running on the Django Web framework.

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More documentation about the usage and installation of Django Podcasting can be found on

The source code for Django Podcasting can be found and contributed to on There you can also file issues.

To find out what's new in this version of django-podcasting, please see the changelog

Quick Installation Guide

Please visit for the full installation guide including optional thumbnailing, tagging and twitter support.

  • Tested against Django 1.8 and greater.

  • Install Django Podcasting with your favorite Python package manager:

    pip install django-podcasting
  • Add "podcasting", "django.contrib.sites", and the optional apps of your choice to the INSTALLED_APPS setting in your

  • Include podcasting.urls and podcasting.urls_feeds in your urls definition:

    url(r"^podcasts/", include("podcasting.urls")),
    url(r"^feeds/podcasts/", include("podcasting.urls_feeds")),
  • To run the test suite: