When your getdropbox.com folders get confilcted, this python script may clean them up for you.
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* Warning! make a backup of you problem folders, run once to make certain this 
script gives you the expected results. *

Add the dropbox-fix-conflicts.py script to you bin, so you can execute it from anywhere.
Explained: http://nixcraft.com/shell-scripting/13025-how-execute-shell-script-any-where.html

Example usage:
Where Movies is the name of the folder in conflict.
     $ python fixconflicts.py Movies

This is what happens:
1. If file already exists display error and quit.
2. Copy each file to the passed in folder name. (ex. Movies) If parent
    folders do not exist, make the folder tree.
3. If successful, remove file
4. After all files are copied successfully, remove the conflict folders.