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Non-stationary Off-policy Evaluation
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Off-policy Evaluation in Non-stationary Recommendation Environments

This repository contains the code to reproduce the experiments for the WSDM2019 paper "When People Change Their Mind: Off-Policy Evaluation in Non-stationary Recommendation Environments".


The code depends on a working installation of pipenv (can be installed from here) and make (should be on your machine if you run some Unix-variant or OSX). To install the python dependencies, run the following from the root of the git repository, this will create a pipenv virtualenv automatically, so it will not interfere with your system python installation:

pipenv install

Running the code

The entire experimental pipeline is automated via a Makefile. From the root of the git repository you can simply run:

pipenv run make

If you have more than 1 CPU core, you can parallelize large parts of the pipeline by running the following (e.g. if you have 4 cores):

pipenv run make -j4

The make process will go through all the steps necessary to reproduce the experiments: downloading the data, training candidate policies and running our estimators. Even with 60 cores the entire process will takes a few days to complete. The majority of time is spend running the estimator simulations. If you are just interested in, e.g., training the candidate policies and logging policies, you can simply run that part of the pipeline:

pipenv run make -j4 lastfm/logger lastfm/candidates delicious/logger delicious/candidates


Output is stored in the folder 'build/'. This includes the processed datasets, trained policies and result files.

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