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What's this?

A program for migrating configuration of JBoss AS 5-based servers to JBoss AS 7-based servers.

Works with source servers:
  • JBoss AS 5.1+
  • JBoss EAP 5.x
Works with target servers:
  • JBoss AS 7.1.1+
  • JBoss EAP 6.x (6.1+ is supported)
  • Wildfly 8.x

What it does

This application automates the actions necessary to migrate the configuration of the source server to the target server. This includes:

  • Parsing the configuration XML files from the source server directory
  • Performing CLI operations against the running target server
  • Copying certain files
    • deployments
    • security users and roles definitions
    • SSH keys
    • JDBC driver jars
    • resource adapters
    • logger configuration files

Various parts of configuration is covered by so-called "migrators", e.g.

  • DatasourceMigrator
  • LoggingMigrator
  • ResAdapterMigrator
  • SecurityMigrator
  • ServerMigrator for JBoss Web
  • etc...

If the migration fails (invalid input, missing files, wrong configuration in AS5 etc.), then the application rolls back all changes made.


The application is meant to be run on a fresh installation of the target server.

Currently, the target server must be running during the migration. The future versions of the app will be able to start the server for you.

To run the app, use the distribution jar as follows:

java -jar AsMigrator.jar [<option>, ...] [src.dir=]<src.dir> [dest.dir=]<dest.dir>

   <src.dir>    is expected to contain path to AS 5.1+ or EAP 5.x home directory, i.e. the one with server/ subdirectory.

   <dest.dir>   is expected to contain path to AS 7.1+ or EAP 6.1+ home directory, i.e. the one with jboss-modules.jar.


    Path to AS 5 or EAP 5 profile.
    Default: "default"

    Path to AS 7 or EAP 6 config file.
    Default: "standalone/configuration/standalone.xml"

conf.<module>.<property>=<value> := Module-specific options.
    <module> := Name of one of modules. E.g. datasource, jaas, security, ...
    <property> := Name of the property to set. Specific per module. May occur multiple times.

For the full list of options please see the project wiki pages.