Rust bindings for LiquidFun.
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LiquidFun Rust

Rust bindings for LiquidFun.

  • Model LiquidFun C++ API as closely as possible in idiomatic Rust.
  • Documentation for C++ API should be usable for Rust API.
  • Document places where Rust API varries from C++ API.


LiquidFun Programmer's Guide

LiquidFun C++ API Documentation

Cargo Crate


First, add the following to your Cargo.toml:

liquidfun = "*"

Next, add this to your crate root:

extern crate liquidfun;


extern crate liquidfun;

use liquidfun::box2d::common::math::*;
use liquidfun::box2d::dynamics::world::*;

fn hello_world() {

	// Define the gravity vector.
	let gravity = Vec2::new(0.0, -10.0);

	// Construct a world object, which will hold and simulate the rigid bodies.
	let mut world = World::new(&gravity);
	assert_eq!(gravity, world.get_gravity());



The LiquidFun Hello World example compiles and runs. More bindings will be added as needed by projects that depend on LiquidFun Rust.

Thank You

Erin Catto for Box2D

Google for LiquidFun

Nicolas Silva for