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UCLA - 2005 - CS Classes Projects
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UCLA Computer Science - 2005

This repository contains sample projects developed for Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Degree at UCLA. Each directory contains source code for the projects developed in respective courses. The sample projects here are prior to 2005 and should only be used as references for learning purposes. These projects were developed by students (R. Javier Vega & Eddie Esquivel) while learning key CS and EE at UCLA. Therefore they should NOT be considered for production or professional environments.

CS33 - Computer Organization

Professor: John A. Rohr, Spring 2003

  • homeworks
  • projects

CS51A - Login Design of Digital Systems

Professor: Leon Alkalai

  • class notes
  • homeworks
  • midterm

CS111 - Operating System

Professor: Mark Kampe, Spring 2004

This repository contains projects developed for the Operating Systems Class.

  • Prj1: Sample Bash-Like Shell in C. (key conceps: string manipulation & process forking).
  • Prj2: System Call in Linux Kernel**. (system calls in kernel, patchs, diff).
  • Prj3: Multithreating Processes implementation. (round robin scheduler, locks, multi-threating).
  • Prj4: Implementation of UnDelete Call in Fat 12/16 File System. (FAT12/16, FileOI, MemIO).

CS118 - Network Class

This repository contains projects developed for Networking Class.

  • Prj1: Client/Sever Socket. (key conceps: data tx/rx over sockets).
  • Prj2: FEC & CRC Implementation. (File transfer over UDP, FEC & CRC).

CS131 - Programming Languages

Class URL:

Professor: Paul Eggert

This repository contains projects developed:

  • Homework-1: Scheme code difference analyzer.
  • Homework-2: Scheme-to-Prolog translator.
  • Homework-3: Java web crawler.
  • Homework-4: Python web crawler.
  • Project-1: Scheme program matcher.
  • Project-2: Web page comparison server.

CSM151B - Computer System Architecture

Professor: Savio Chau, Ph.D., Spring 2003

Class notes, homeworks and projects. (CISC, RISK, CPU, DATA BUSES, ASM, etc.)

  • homeworks
  • projects
  • notes
  • sample problems & solutions

CS152B - Floating Point Numbers Implementation

Laboratory to implement CPU Architecture with Floating Number Support.

  • tutorials

CS174 - Computer Graphics & OpenGL

Professor: Petros Faloutsos, Fall 2004

Class lectures, assignment and documents.

  • Assignment 1: Simple OpenGL animation.
  • Assignment 2: Textes, objects and camera motion.
  • Assignment 3: Ray tracer implementation to render 3D image in 2D png.

CS180 - Algorithms & Complexity

Professor: Majid Sarrafzadeh

Homeworks and official solutions.

  • Homework 1: Book exercises.
  • Homework 2: Sorting and complexity algorithms.
  • Homework 3: Advacned data structures.
  • Homework 4: Dynamic Programming.

EE10 - Circuit Analysis 1

  • Lecture notes.
  • Spice tutorials.

EE102 - Systems and Signals

  • Lecture notes.
  • Homeworks.
  • Midterm samples.

EE110L - Electrical Engineering Lab

Entry level analog circuits laboratory about resistance, capacitance, filters, frequency responses, Kirchhoff’s laws and others.

Lab experiments 1 to 6.

EE115A - Electrical Engineering

  • Homeworks.
  • Mid-terms.
  • Spice tutorial.

EE115C - Digital Electronic Circuits

  • Lecture notes.
  • Homeworks.
  • Projects.
  • Midterm.

EE116L - Digital System Design Lab

Project files and lab reports.

  • Lab 1: Introduction to the Breadboard, Wiring, and 7400 Logic Chips.
  • Lab 2: Implementation of a State Machine.
  • Lab 3: General Register Implementation.
  • Lab 4: Digital Oscilloscopes and Frequency Response.
  • Lab 5: Implementation of a Multiplier.
  • Lab 6: Implementation of a Simple Modem.

EE171L - Signals Lab

  • Class materials & handouts.
  • Labs 1-7 & solutions.
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