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var w;
function clear() {
function test() {
w ="data:text/html,"+
"<script>" +
"function navigate() { location.href='data:text/html,<body>Close this page and wait.</body>'};" +
"setTimeout(navigate,0);</" +
setInterval(clear, 0);
<p>This test reproduces the crash in DOMWindow::clearTimeout that happens when DOMWindow is disconnected from the Frame (as in back/forward cache expiration case tested here).
<p>This is the link to the bug: <a href=""></a>
<p>To reproduce the crash, click the link below, the popup window opens, which will immediately navigate to another one, so the b/f cache entry will be created. Close the popup window. Wait a few seconds (~10), for the page cache to start deleting pages it doesn't need - crash will happen.<br><a href="javascript:test()">Crash me!</a>
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