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<html lang="en">
<body onload="start()" onunload="test()">
<p><b>Bug 14207 : </b>
<a href="">REGRESSION: Crash after closing a tab with Google Maps Street View</a></p>
<p id="test" style="background-color:skyblue; padding:3px;"><b>STEPS TO TEST:</b>
Open a new tab then close this tab.
<p id="success" style="background-color:palegreen; padding:3px;"><b>TEST PASS:</b>
Expected : The tab is closed.
<p id="failure" style="background-color:#FF3300; padding:3px;"><b>TEST FAIL:</b>
If the test FAILS : The webkit crashes.
<embed id="target" src="resources/spinbox.swf">
var embed;
function start()
embed = document.getElementById("target");;
function test()
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