A VERY simple Magento environment provisioner for Vagrant
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A VERY simple Magento environment provisioner for Vagrant.

Magento & Vagrant

  • Creates a running Magento development environment with a few simple commands.
  • Runs on Ubuntu (Trusty 14.04 64 Bit) \w PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.2
  • Uses Magento CE
  • Automatically runs Magento's installer and creates CMS admin account.
  • Optionally installs Magento Sample Store Inventory
  • Automatically runs n98-magerun installer.
  • Perfect for rapid development or extension testing with an unopionionated, bare-bones and easily tweaked configuration.
  • Goes from naught-to-Magento in a couple of minutes.

Getting Started


  • Install VirtualBox
  • Install Vagrant
  • Clone or download this repository to the root of your project directory git clone https://github.com/r-baker/simple-magento-vagrant.git
  • In your project directory, run vagrant up

The first time you run this, Vagrant will download the bare Ubuntu box image. This can take a little while as the image is a few-hundred Mb. This is only performed once.

Vagrant will configure the base system before downloading Magento and running the installer.


  • In your browser, head to
  • Magento CMS is accessed at
  • User: admin Password: password123123
  • Access the virtual machine directly using vagrant ssh
  • When you're done vagrant halt

Full Vagrant command documentation

Sample Data

Sample data is automatically downloaded and installed by default. However, it's a reasonably large file and can take a while to download.

"I don't want sample data"

Sample data installation can be disabled:

  • Open Vagrantfile
  • Change sample_data = "true" to sample_data = "false"
  • Run vagrant up as normal

"I have already downloaded the sample data"

  • Place the sample data tar.gz file in the project root
  • Ensure sample_data = "true"
  • The provisioning script will skip the download and use the provided file instead. The same goes for when the provisioner is rerun. e.g. vagrant reload --provision


  • Install Modman.

Why no Puppet/Chef? Admittedly, Puppet and Chef are excellent solutions for predictable and documented system configurations. The emphasis for this provisioner is on unopinionated simplicity. There are some excellent Puppet / Chef Magento configurations on Github with far more bells and whistles.